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Torrentz proxy: From dozens of torrent search engines, a fast, free as well as powerful well-known meta-search engine combining results is Torrentz. Right now it has 27mil active torrents. Magnetic links or any torrents it does not host. In multiple domains it is available. To safeguard your searches it also has SSL protection.

You may have any other favorite torrent website. The importance of Torrentz still exist. No way to ignore. It works in a unique way as the torrent search engine.In itself, it is not a torrent hosting website. Rather as a search engine, it searches users query using several torrent sites. It is connected from there.Whenever it finds the desired result (content/file) among the connected torrent sites, instantly it shows them directly. It happened through Torrentz search result.So far the most popular domain is the .eu. Verified torrents sections and a personalized torrents section are it’s another attractive feature.

According to in 2014 Torrentz ranked 3rd most popular torrent site. Awesome clutter-free interface and its exhaustive help information suits maximum needs of majority users.

Torrentz proxy: Unblock or get the access to any torrent sites

Use any of these below websites if Torrentz is not opening or down. Whatever torrent you want just search. Like the main Torrentz website, they will instantly show you the same search result.

From the last 12 years, Torrentz is available on the internet. It is still growing on 24/7 with lots of visitors downloading files. Its pretty simple user interface makes it a must for torrent lovers globally.

You want to unblock or get the access to any torrent sites? Torrents mirror website are ready to assist. Besides, in between a client and server as “intermediary points” the proxies work. It means simply you can change the internet browsing location or present you as an anonymous.

List Of 30+ Working Torrentz proxy& Mirror sites List

  25. TorrentZ Search Engine Proxy
  27. Torrentz Torrent Proxy
  29. Torrentz Proxy Site


BitTorrent indexing sites

Over ten years globally it has been operating. Naturally is considered one of the most popular BitTorrent indexing sites.

Interestingly it is not only a conventional BitTorrent indexing site, rather is regarded an aggregator of well known 28 third party sites (“metasearch engine”). For example ExtraTorrent, ThePirateBay, Bitsnoop, KickassTorrents, and Torrentdownloads. claim proudly over 32 million active torrents it indexes. On 26 domains from more than 126,000,000 pages, they collected these content.In the USA it is ranked as 803 and recently it has an impressive global Alexa ranking of 477 amazing facts indeed! An average of 146 million site visits a month which was showed in SimilarWeb traffic data show.

Too sweet chocolate is not a good choice. So does as with KickassTorrents and The Pirate Bay. Rights holders immediately took action to give the site a good lesson. They have resorted to taking fast legal action so that they gain ISPs block the site. As a result now in Denmark, Belgium and the UK ISPs completely blocked the site.Torrentz receives a serious blow from Google Chrome in July 2015 when Chrome officially starts blocking access to the site. It happened due to it’s “harmful programs.”

Ultimately voluntarily Torrentz has shut down. Now instead of the original torrentz, Torrentz2 is replaced.As is deeply connected to many popular torrent websites databases for a torrent fan like you can easily discover any desired torrent here comparing with any other torrent is essential for the solely torrenting purpose. That’s fine. However, many serious issues like copyright violation, piracy many ISP, govt and companies started to strictly ban Torrentz search engine. A really sad news indeed.

Torrentz clones

Surprisingly via its main website (, Torrentz is still available to users. But it may happen now directly you can’t access it or as an intelligent user before banned you want to know Torrentz alternatives. Then welcome to your best Torrentz proxy/mirrors list.

In different domains, they are Torrentz torrent search engine clone. Other torrenting influencers or Torrentz staff usually manage these Torrentz clones. From official Torrentz website, they contain same index & data from official Torrentz website.



Here we have gathered all your desired as well as the necessary list of Torrentz Proxy. Anytime you can visit any of the above-mentioned torrents torrent mirror and proxy list. They are completely free.

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