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A piano is the heaviest and costly instrumenting ever. But there will be not a single person available who doesn’t love the magical tone of the piano. Actually, in present world piano becomes one of the tops demanded musical instruments for the music lovers.Sometimes we want to learn piano but we can’t afford to learn this wonderful instrument. Since the learning process is costly and time-consuming so most of us use to give up this dream. But today I am here to share a good news with you all. You can also learn this piano from the piano apps Android.

You just need to install some best piano apps on your devices and learn from it. That’s it; none can make you stopped from learning piano now. There is lots of free piano app in Google play store and you don’t know which one is best. To solve this problem, I am here with my article of 15 piano Apps for Android to express your inner creativity.Hope you are going to enjoy the article as well as learn about some best apps. They are just like real piano teachers for you. Here they are.


Piano Apps  Android to Express Your Inner Creativity


Piano Teacher

The piano teacher is a popular name in the list of best piano app Android . Over ten million individual already have downloaded this app from Google playstore.  This app is fully arranged with 6 full Octaves, featured with various music and beats, capable of recording and animated with beautiful light.


The amazing features are:

  • There is no need of basic knowledge to learn this piano. You just need to install this app and start processing in learning mood. Next, you just need to learn each lesson with so much fun and interaction mood.
  • In this app, you will learn how to keep your fingers on the piano and understanding the all other features of piano.
  • It is a free app for learning piano where you will find a lot of game mood to play piano with your family & friends. You can make your own score by beating other records in the leader board.
  • You can play any local music through the magic piano game.
  • A round 50000 song is pre-loaded in this app by which you can enjoy playing the piano.
  • You can record your own song anytime apart from playing learn or game mood. No doubt, it can be helpful to enhance your personal creativity and skill of music.


 Magic Piano by Smule

Magic Piano

Are you a fan of Bruno Mars or Mozrat? Then this app can be simply a blessing for you to play your favourite music. You can be relaxed by listening soulful song anytime.




Some of the features of this apps for Android:

  • This app is especially featured by TIME, New York Times and Google Play Best Apps 2014.
  • You can feel the original tune by the rhythm of wonderful games.
    Every day you will find the new hits in your app box from where you can play your favourite one.
  • Recreate the music by controlling rhythm and tempo.
  • Play the piano along with your featured artist’s vocals.
  • Follow the beam of light to see the position of your fingers over the keys.
  • Make a connection with other parts of the music lovers via sharing your music.

 Piano- keyboard and Magic tiles:

Piano Keyboard Magic Tiles Android AppsPiano, Keyboard and magic tiles is a free electric piano keyboard app for android. This virtual musical app will help you to learn basic music notes and chords with its various instruments. You will learn to play piano keys with your favourite song in an amazing way.



Some features of this piano keyboard app for android are:

If you are a beginner then you will enjoy the learning through playing realistic piano and musical instruments.

  • You can choose your favourite instrument from a numbers of musical instruments like violins, harpsichord, accordion, organ, guitar etc.
  • You will learn to play variety of chords and the process of reading musical sheets easily.
  • This app allows you to learn piano via playing mini games. Besides, from this app you can able to improve your playing time of piano.
  • It is a fully HD app where you will get 9 different types of keyboard along with numbers of popular songs.
  • You can record and share your song with other people in real piano app.


Piano +

There is no fixed rule to follow for learning this piano like other apps. With 40 million download, Piano + has become one of the best piano apps Android. No wonder, this app is in top due to its effortless job in teaching people so easily and promptly.


It has some features like:

  • You can play any song slowly or speedily, depends on your mood or taste
  • You can play any song without doing any practice which is really mind-blowing.
  • In fact, this app is designed by 128 musical MIDI instruments and more than 12 studio quality recorded voice.
  • You can store and download any data in the writing and reading external storage of this app.
  • You can expend your instruments with an external sound font file songs.
  • similarly, this app has a huge collection of song more than 5000 song in the list.


Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano Android AppsPerfect piano is one of the top online social musical piano keyboard app for android. No doubt, you will be addicted with this app due to its plenty of fun making way. Moreover, this app is featured with so many moods including realistic sound moods, capable of plugin with additional instrument, allows external midi keyboard etc.



Features are:

  • This app allows you to play multiple player moods where you can play with your friends.
  • This app is perfect package of intelligent keyboard. You will get full 88 key piano keyboard with various moods and sound effects.
  • You will able to play numbers of popular music through adjusting speed and difficulty level. Besides, you will be amazed to see three guidance patterns auto play, semi-auto play and note pause.
  • This app allows using standard general Midi protocol with USB interface connection.
  • Apart from these, you will get a beautiful small piano widget which will help you to open the app easily.


My Piano

My Piano Android AppsMy piano is really one of the fun loving musical piano apps . More than 10 million people are enjoying this app on their android devices. A number of interesting features make this app more amazing.




The features are:

  • You will get a pure studio sound quality along with 8 sound effects and 11 types of instruments.
  • This is fully multi-touching app where you will enjoy the sensor pitch band and volume optimization.
  • A well balanced note pitch ben will give you the ease of learning basic mood of piano.
  • Nearly 8 types of colourful theme and various keyboard modes made this app exceptional.
  • You can record your own song, save & play them any time. Besides you can rename the songs, if you need.


Best Piano Lessons

Best Piano Lessons

If you are looking for a best piano apps for Android then Best piano lessons is best to download. This music app is really simple and easy to learn, even a kid can easily play via this app.




Valuable features are:

  • There are 12 different areas of composers. Thus you can pick one of your favorite among them.
  • You can easily monitor your whole performance through the recorded audio. Besides, you can have the guidelines of playing the keys of a piano.
  • You can move or set the piano keys according to your wish or comfortability.
  • This app acts like as your virtual piano teacher by allowing you to pick all the tips of learning piano.
  • The graphic of this app is really mind blowing; anyone can fall in love with the perfect design and wonderful clear sound.
  • This app is perfect for all types of screen resolution and the English language is really very much authentic.


Real Piano

Real Piano Android

Do you want to feel playing real piano on your mobile? Then real piano is the perfect simulator app for learning music. This app is capable of providing you the natural and real sound quality with every codes and notes. Now playing piano is just a matter of fun and times of installations this app.



Some features of these piano apps for Android are:

  • By this app you can learn, play, record, share, making ringtone etc. all in all so easily.
  • You can enjoy the real life piano playing with multi touch keys and real piano design.
  • You can share your recorded music with your family and friends so easily.
  • Real piano app helps you to learn the basic form of piano playing.
  • The notes are really written in an easy way.
  • You can create your own voices naturally. Moreover, you can learn the right on, if you have done the wrong notes.


Piano Melody Free

Piano melody is one the best free piano apps  due to its simple and wonderful interface. The configuration and resizable capacity of the app is really high. This app is best for guiding you in a simple and easy way.




Some of the features of Piano melody are:

  • This app can help you best to play the keys in a correct way by providing you appropriate guidelines.
  • You will get a note with every song which you can write in a paper and learn it in your free time.
  • The keys are really nice and big. For that reasons, you will feel comfortable in playing the keys with a correct tune.
  • More than 600 songs are available in this app from different eras and genres.
  • By the same way, you can easily control the mood and also the speed of the song.
  • It is fully supported to any device of Android and suitable for all ages of people.


Piano keyboard

Piano Keyboard Android Apps


Piano keyboard is the new piano teacher in your state. It is one of the simplest piano apps . You can play and create your own music through this app.



Some of the features of this app are:

  • You can learn the basic terms of piano in a unique way. Especially it is fully decorated with 88 keys.
  • This app has different kind of sounds so you can compose a music using those tones.
  • You can optimize your phone and in-built phone speakers as well at the same time.
  • You not only will be able to learn the piano from this app, you will be able to teach other as well.
  • The keyboard of this app are best the keyboard of piano .Moreover you can control the volume of sound easily.



Piano Android Apps

However, if you are looking for an graceful piano apps for android then Piano is most popular name. It has 88 piano keys with amazing acoustic piano melodies. This app is one the best virtual piano app for its exclusive features.




Presently, they are such as:

  • You can play your favourite tone anywhere and record the song as well.
  • You can switch between single and dual piano keyboard easily. Likewise you can play and create music freely.
  • Shrunken keyboard allows you to adjust a range between tones. Besides, you can control the volume by multi touch facility.
  • This app will help you to correct your wrong pitch. No doubt, it looks simple but performs strongly.
  • You can easily save any of the music file by a perfect save management.


 Learn Piano HD free

Learn Piano HD FREE

Learning piano is really fun and tough as well. But you will find it easy when downloading this learns piano HD free. You will never feel like to have private tutor if you install Mahalo’s learn piano apps Android



Some of the features of this app are:

  • You can feel like the real life learning experience through this app.
  • You can save all the private lessons and watch it later.
  • There are 10 hidden pro exercises are available to avoid carpet tunnel in this app.
  • Consequently, less than one month, you will be able to learn the total process of piano.
  • 12 exclusive holiday classics songs are available.
  • You can make someone amazed by playing the perfect ballad of this app.


Act piano:

Act Piano Android

Around 1 million people are using this app. They are happily learning piano from these piano apps for android . Act piano apps will help you to learn the basic part of piano without any cost. You can learn to play music through professional sheet music.




The features are:

  • The 88 keys of this apps are really well designed by exact width and height of the piano.
  • You can turn MIDI songs into notes and sheet music as well.
  • Sound quality is really excellent and multi touching keys are amazing to response.
  • You can play piano by making demo and practice interactively.
  • Tempo adjustment is really very easy in this app.


Piano Scales & chords Free

Piano Scales Chords

If you are looking for a perfect free piano apps  then Piano Scales & Chord is unbeatable. You can learn the scale and chord of piano by seeing the perfect notes of this app. Most of the features of this app are really interesting.




Some of them are:

  • Learning and improvising piano both are very easy in this app.
  • You will able to correct your finger positon by following guidelines.
  • Multi-touch facilities along with high configuration are available.
  • You can check your knowledge by testing each advance level of the game.
  • Besides learning from other tune, you can share your record with them too.
  • This app is highly recommendable for the beginners.
  • You can choose your own music to play and also can have the perfect highlighted chords.


Piano for You

PIANO FOR YOUIf you are looking for professional piano learning then this app is best for it. Actually, Piano for you is usually used by the musician but beginners can also learn from this app. Besides, Piano for you is perfect for the composers who love to save their recording music.



Some of the good features are:

  • This app is really eye-catching and sound naturally.
  • Moreover, the latency is low in this app compared to other apps.
  • You will get 128 MIDI instruments to play which is really surprising.
  • You can customize any instruments and record your own songs.
  • Over the WIFI, you can play MIDI.
  • You will have fast loading data with multi-touching benefits.


Finish Talk

However, I have tried to check most of the piano apps Android. Since, I wanted to write this article for you. So I have surveyed them and found this relevant information. Truly, piano is one the finest and costly instruments over all kinds of musical instruments. Thus, everyone might not have the position to afford of learning piano from private tutor.

But there is no need of being upset as you can’t learn piano from outside. Fortunately, there are numbers of apps in the Google play store for your Android device. In fact most of them are free to download. Besides,features may not be up to the mark of all of apps though. For that reason, I have tried to use those apps personally. Good thing is that, I have got above 15 piano apps for android which are really excellent.

I just hope, it will be helpful to decide which app can be the perfect for your piano learning. Happy learning.