PayPal Alternatives

We are very familiar with PayPal. A widely recognized platform is the biggest upside of PayPal. Besides it easily integrates with other carts and party platforms.Rent share, payment, family & friends payback are now as easy as tweet thanks to online payment way. PayPal rules but PayPal Alternatives mean less dependability as it is not wise to put all eggs in a basket.

Shopping, lots of financial transactions all are now too easy like water. Now so many online shopping portals and credit cards updated and convenient. At the same time, different kinds of online payment systems have exploded.

Stil PayPal, not the perfect payment method as it has some serious drawbacks. High fees, country-based restrictions, holding Payments with no proper reason are some burning noticeable cons of PayPal. So, without any question, you can easily justify your wise act of moving to a PayPal alternative.

PayPal Alternatives Options for Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers

Let’s discover our today’s 10 Top PayPal Alternatives Online Payment Way either eCommerce payment method or as an online money transfer service. Here we will analyze their all pros and cons of each so that you can take your own wise decision from these alternative services.

Different kinds of online payment systems are growing rapidly. PayPal was one of the pioneers. But now there are many others e-commerce systems developed which are updated and convenient.  Peer-to-peer payment apps just one example to share rent, dinner bill, ticket etc. Even transfer money & to make the purchase nowadays a pleasing reality thanks to some other online payment systems.




Online purchase, transfer money to anywhere anyone all over the world is offered by Payoneer an online payment system. For affiliate marketers and freelancers, it is the best choice.

A pre-paid Mastercard provides by Payoneer which can use where MasterCard is accepted. Local wire transfer or global transfers or reloadable Payoneer credit card is its some eye-catching services. Even you can transfer money to another Payoneer user. It has a relationship with many freelancing sites which increased it’s popularity a lot.

Payoneer card downside? it offers different fee levels of $0/$2 or more. It depends on how you are using their services.

In more than 100 currencies process transactions available
200 countries allowed its operation
Acceptance from huge online platform

Credit card rent is a bit high

A country, as well as currency wise Payoneer’s transfer fees, depend. Moreover, a slight charge will be applicable when you use Payoneer Credit Card via an ATM to withdraw your money.

Payoneer Work Area
In more than 200 countries Payoneer operating its service. In around 100 currencies is capable of processing transactions. If you want to process international transactions than Payoneer is an excellent solution.


2.Google Wallet

From your bank account to any email address Google Wallet allows you to send money for free. Paying, receiving, sending money online allows in Google Wallet. But its operation only in the USA.

If you want to include your credit card 2.9% fee will be added. Both in stores (who accept) and online purchase is possible with Google Wallet an impressive option indeed.
As a digital wallet, you can easily use Google Wallet to loyalty cards, credit cards, and debit cards.

Google introduced it, a big advantage and relief indeed.
Strict Purchase protection and Fraud Monitoring 24*7
Independence from different credit & debit card as it is a single card
Google account tightly integrated it

Only available in the USA and not much accepted like PayPal

Basically, Google Wallet is free! But in the question of your debit/credit used to transfer money into your Google Wallet, you have to pay standard transfer charges.

Google Wallet Work Area

A drawback of Google Wallet is shopping in stores, money transfer like feature is only available in the US. One good news is you can use Google Wallet

Where does Google Wallet Work
Sadly, Google Wallet and its features like money transfer, shopping in stores are available only in the US. However, you’ll be able to use Google Wallet over 125 countries to purchase products from Google Play Store.

When checking cons of Google Wallet, we can say that it can become a superpower in web-based payment sector if it expands its acceptance.




Another renowned Alternative for PayPal is Skrill. This typical online payment system based in the UK. Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is a good platform to receive and send money and shop online easily. It allows you to transfer money to another person you want.

When transferring money $0.1 charges applicable to the Skrill. This platform allows two skrill users to send & receive money using their email ID. An additional benefit of this system is the recipient can use debit or credit card to the bank account to withdraw money.

Instant withdrawal option made Skrills one of the most impressive PayPal alternative. Another good point of Skrill is comparatively low merchant fees. Just visit their official site to know more. Global availability is Skrill’s best part.

Over 200 countries Support Skrill
In 40 currencies you can use Skrill
Using Skrill account to purchase in real life is possible if you have Skrill Prepaid MasterCard
Wide acceptance
Security level is very high
Low transaction fees

The most impressive feature of Skrill is its fee plan. Only 1% of commission usually Skrill takes. Moreover, If you use SWIFT Transfer method, charges to transfer money from your bank to skrill will cost almost free. You will have to pay standard charges if you use debit or credit cards.


Skrill Work Area
In around 200 countries Skrill offers its support. It lets users send money and manage the account in 40 currencies. As a great web payment and a money transfer platform, Skrill is the best alternative for PayPal in both aspects.




If you are looking for a simple alternative for PayPal, Dwolla is just an impressive example. It works as a platform on the internet to send & receive money. Normal users to business owners both party can use it easily. Dwolla lets you send money to email addresses, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, businesses and phone numbers that accept Dwolla. Dwolla MassPay one of the most impressive feature. It allows you to process thousands of payments at a time without any hassle. Once upon a time for buying and selling of Bitcoins was available on Dwolla until in October 2013 when the service stopped.

Like Google Wallet, Dwolla based on the USA a notable drawback indeed.


Transaction fees are amazingly low and the service is free
Supportable for iOS and Android and simple user interface
As you share only phone number and email address your security is top level protected from theft
Clearing payments methods are easier

Acceptance is really low comparing to PayPal
It may take even 2 to 3 days to transfer money from Dwolla to your bank account
It has no link with debit cards or credit cards

A really impressive feature of Dwolla is its Commission rate. For each transaction, you have to pay only $0.25

Dwolla Work Area
Right now only in the USA service of Dwolla available. If you have SSN & a valid US Mailing address you can use Dwolla. Besides, only US bank accounts are linked to Dwolla.

Except this noticeable drawback Dwolla can be an excellent PayPal alternatives for all US-based users.



WePay allows your customers to pay you without leaving your site. In order to process payment, WePay creates a virtual terminal. It is a well known API-based technology. You must have the technical knowledge to implement WePay.

In spite of its overall simplicity, WePay is very attractive for its some cool features. Most of the international cards are supported by WePay but it is solely US based. Customers who have a billing address and a US SSN are available for this payment system.

Various platform businesses are focused on WePay payment API such as marketplaces, Crowd-funding sites, and small businesses.


Commission of WePay
In credit card payments WePay charges 2.9%+$0.30 and it will be charged 1%+$0.30 in bank payments.



From your customer to accept online payment Stripe is another simple way. If you think an easier online payment gateway as a viable alternative to PayPal you can consider Stripe as your solution. American Express, MasterCard, Visa and JCB type of various payment method are accepted by Stripe. In around 100 currencies are acceptable to process transaction in Stripe.

Stripe mainly support the business that is based in Germany, UK, United States, Canada, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Belgium. From these countries, one can receive payments from Stripe.


Mobile payment integrated
Plugins are user-friendly and simple
From any country, payment can be sent

Right now Stripe supports only 19 countries
Commission: Stripe usually charges 2.9%+$0.30 as its commission for every successful transaction.



In between users, 2Checkout doesn’t allow to transfer of money. That’s why 2Checkout considered as a partial PayPal alternative. It’s, in fact, better for merchants. When they sell things they can use 2Checkout as an effective way to process transactions. Till now 2Checkout allow eight well-known payment way, including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, PIN Debit cards and JCB. Moreover, 26 currencies work with 2Checkout. Besides, you can integrate many shopping carts such as ZenCart, Ecwid, Shopify, and 3DCart.


Using EFT you can release your fund automatically
In order to keep numbers track Smartphone Applications are available

Between users payment transfer not allowed

Commission Rate: From US 2.9%+$0.30 per transaction and 5.5%+$0.45 otherwise charges by 2Checkout

For online merchants, 2Checkout is the best PayPal alternative.  8 payment methods, 15 languages, 26 currencies and available in 196 countries makes it one of the best payment gateway.


8.Amazon Payments

amazon payments
Another excellent alternative to PayPal is Amazon Payments. You know its born from a web giant- Amazon. If you want to process online money transactions, you can take it as an easy single platform. But at the same time, Amazon Payments offers different classifications to different users such as developers, customers, and businesses. It simplifies your everyday buying task. In your account, you have added your choice by using simple payment method. It frees you from the hassle of reentering shipping addresses as well as payment details. Besides, WebPay lets users receive and send money from Amazon payments. Good news for merchants! Checkout by Amazon simplify payment methods as it is a featured merchant.


It’s born from Amazon
Acceptance widely
Integrated with

For non-US residents Amazon WebPay is unavailable
Long duration time in withdrawal to your bank from Amazon WebPay

Amazon WebPay is totally free for users when they receive and send money. However, if you use a debit card or credit card you have to pay standard transaction fees. But for merchants, it’s a bit high. At a rate of 2.9%+$0.30 Amazon Payments charges based. Yet, Amazon offers non-profit and volume discounts.

Amazon Payments Work Area

In the USA Amazon WebPay is currently available.



selzFor online small businesses and merchants, another alternate for PayPal is Selz. For customers to accept payment it is a great gateway. Bloggers who usually sell something on their site, as well as freelancers who give service Selz, can be a suitable choice. Many web-based professionals and a number of pro bloggers use this service. Selz WordPress plugin is available to install if you have WordPress site/blog. To sell digital products Selz is suitable to compare to PayPal and another well known online payment gateway. Transfer money to your PayPal or bank account is available in Selz.

Commission: 2.75% of total amount of money that is transferred usually charge by Square.Only In the US and Canada Square Reader is available.



A smart PayPal alternative with a surprising twist is Square. A smart card reader will work effectively on your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad which Square will provide you. Additionally, All customers can make the purchase from an online virtual store which Square lets to create easily. Square card supports American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Visa etc.


Wrap Up

Different people, different criteria. So does our mentioned online payment services here. Good, better, best all depends whether you are a user, merchant etc. A lower commission, international availability points to think. So, it’s up to you to choose according to your requirement as the perfect PayPal alternative from the above list.

Well, as right now you have a list of top alternatives to PayPal, we are curious to know which you like most. Just give your comments. We love to hear from you as a valuable user. Thanks


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