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Offline farming games are the best suitable option for them who are tired of playing the same kind of game for a long time. Particularly, people who like to play some other game, farm games are the best choice for them. Therefore, gaming industry market is focusing on the new trend of Android Farming Games.

Why will you be addicted to Farming Games?City life is a busy life. All of us are circling around the busy schedule of this bustling city life. After day-long work, we seek some greenery which is not also found in this metropolis. So, what’s the solution of this monotonous life? I would like to say that, a number of addictive farm games are available nowadays. Agricultural games will take you away from this fussy life for the whole time while you play these games.

Farming games for Android will let you create own acres of land for cultivation. You will be able to plow your incredible island and make it a big farm. Agricultural plants will be sowed on the field and maintained by various machinery in a perfect management thus you will get the highest yield. Then sell your crop to the market and make a profitable trade. So you will be habituated to the total collection of farming system and made your own land of imagination.

Picturesque locations and beautiful decorations entail the high quality of graphics. Interesting tasks with cute characters make addiction for kids also. So it’s all here decorative design, good time killer and engrossing tasks which will make your tedious life full of experienced and enjoyable. Below there are 15 offline farming games which will make you addictive.

15 Offline Farming Games that will Surely make You Addicted


1.Hay Day:

On top of my list,Hay Day is everybody’s favorite game. It will make you touch, swipe and build a beautiful farm. This farming game is really special for learning the lay of the land and trading agricultural goods with neighbors and friends. You can grow and customize your own farm with good enough cinematic view. Build, repair and fulfill farm with truck and factories by this farming simulator games.

Controls  Gameplay Graphics
4.1          4.3           4.4



2.Green Farm 3:

Green firm 3 will let you do farming in a fresh, fun and fantastically relaxing mode. The cute graphics makes this free farm game is an addictive one. Rediscover agricultural games with easy play missions and restore it to glory. This offline farming games also allow you to meet new characters with a refreshing new atmosphere, rich outline, and easier controls. You will be in a world of missions of farming, harvesting, threshing, crafting, marketing and much more. The colorful environment will make you engaged and nature loving person.

Controls  Gameplay  Graphics
3.8          3.9             4.1




3.Farmville 2: Country Escape:

is now on the go to make you escaped from this cityscape bustling. You will be gone to the farm adventures to collect rare goods and make new recipes by hand. In your farmland, you will be raising animals and grow your farm with your friends. Harvest fresh crops and craft new recipes of a variety of baked gourmet goods. You will be collecting hidden and rare ad you find a new coastal farm.What’s more, nurture a wide variety of endearing animals and build an abundant family farm to do trade with friends by this agricultural game.

Controls  Gameplay  Graphics
4.0           4.2           4.3



4.Fairy Farm:

Fairy farm is a farm game for girls. It let girls create their own fairy tale. This beautiful game is about magical wizards. You can cast incredible spells using the ingredients that you grow right on your farm. You can build incredible buildings, plant your crops and raise animals that you have never heard. This offline farming game will let your imagination to expand as well as your territory and building.

Controls  Gameplay  Graphics
3.7           3.7          4.1




Farmdale is a simulator game of friendly farmers living in a fantasy land. It is an offline farming game where you can grow plants, care and management of animals and being foster to neighbors. You can do anything in Farmdale like explore, expand and find a hidden treasure. Production objects such as kitchen, spinning wheel, workshop and many more offers you can get from this magical world.

Controls Gameplay Graphics
 4.2           4.3          4.4



6.Kids Animals Farm and Zoo Free:

This farm game for kids will let your kids explore a wonderful world of animals by taking care and management. This offline farming game has two separate game modes such as learning and practicing. You children will love the lovely and adorable illustrations. There are also cute photos and realistic sounds matching the environment which facilitates children’s brain development. Your kid will achieve the ability to generalize and categorize concepts. The power of observation and concentration to details will develop the comparison capacity of kids. This offline farming game allows associative learning with essential sound will promote children learning.

Controls Gameplay Graphics
3.7         3.8           4.0



7.Let’s Farm:

It is one of the cutest farm games.
You will be dragging your fingers to plant crops on your cultivable land. You will be cooking delicious food and feed you lovely pets. There are also options for greeting your neighbors and foster friends. Cultivate, thresh your crops to make a trade with farmers all over the world. You will be facing challenging missions in this game of farming. Moreover, you will be designing the prettiest farm with hundreds of decorations.

Controls Gameplay Graphics
3.8          4.0           4.1



8.Farm Town: Happy City Day Story:

This free farm games will let you grow hay on farmland near town and evolve into cartoon village. You will be farming of a variety of crops like corn, vegetables, fruits, and berries. Develop and maintain your village and cook delicious dishes. Gain prosperity gathering resources and open up production. This offline farming game prevails to plant beautiful flowers and harvest them to make bright and colorful bouquets. An extra feature of inviting funny tourists, make them happy and enjoy the gift from them. But it is not the end your farming success will be spread to the nearby city.

Controls   Gameplay  Graphics
 3.9           4.0              4.1



9.Farmer Sim 2015:

This game is different from all other farming games as it is not the casual farm game. It is the real farming simulator game to make you a real farmer. This game allows plowing your land by tractors. You can also sow, do intercultural works efficiently. Later on, you can harvest crops and do trade it to the local market. You can also enjoy the new farming simulator playing in an open-world career mode. Also, you can enjoy the using farming vehicles and become a traditional farmer. Realistic vehicles like tractors, combines, plows, harvesters, trailers etc are main the main attraction to this game. You can also get the USA and European maps. Auto driving feature and day-night mode give the natural beauty to this farm simulator game.

Controls  Gameplay  Graphics
3.9          4.1          4.1




10.Pot farm- Grass Roots:

You can play one of the best addictive games in the different way of planting weeds. You can become a marijuana mogul while running a successful farm. You will plant, grow, water, trim and harvest your crops while they are at the maturity. Produce goods, make a trade with farmers, friends and hire workers to work on your farm or run you business. You can also cultivate a high yielding variety of rice like sativa and indica. There is also a weekly Karma contests to win great prizes. You can use the garage to buy cars. What’s more, you can create a stoner paradise with decorations.

Controls  Gameplay Graphics
 4.4           4.5           4.5



11.Village and Farm:

Village and Farm an offline farming game can take you back to the Middles Ages when cultivating was what individuals accomplished for the living. You can enjoy a calm life in the wide open far from dust and contamination. You can have an intense, agreeable existence with your wonderful yields and animals.
This farm game makes have stunning highlights, you can cook some delightful dishes, collect fresh yields, exchange goods around the world, feed your exquisite animals, welcome your cordial neighbors and more great deals. You will locate some intense difficulties that you need to finish keeping in mind the end goal to the following mission. Gather coins to purchase new apparatuses or design your homestead

Controls Gameplay Graphics
  3.8         4.0        4.2



12.Dairy Farm:

Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm is a game that simulates tasks of farmers on a big farm. This farming simulator game induces dairy farmers that they do from planting and tending crops. When you play this game you will be growing food crops such as rice, maize. In addition, with each level, you will be awarded diamonds, gold and other types of seeds, different breeds, all kinds of screws, glue bang. By the ornamental objects from the store, you can make your garden decoration beautiful. According to your preferences, you can decorate your garden in your style.

 Controls  Gameplay Graphics
  3.4         3.6            3.7



13.Big Little Farmer Offline Farm:

Big Little Farmer is not an average farm village game; you can play it throughout the day offline without Wi-Fi. Your escape to your fantasy farmland won’t be limited. Living in an enormous city you can build a lush green family farm. It is your opportunity to make nourished your cultivating skills. This game is awesome, relaxing and very addictive. You will be playing this agriculture game for hours without any displeased- a great time killer. You can be the leader of farmer business world with Bakery Products, Dairy Products, and Garments etc. You will learn that how a farmer has to work day and night to grow and cultivate his farm. So, it is a suitable time to modernize your farmland and take care of your adorable farm animals like sheep, horses, goats, fishes, hens, dogs, cats and cows.

Controls Gameplay Graphics
 3.8          4.0          4.1




  14. Farm School:

Farm School

Farm school is a place where you can express your style. It’s a great new offline farming game easy to play that you will love it. You will be doing farming and ranching you own land. With the good harvest of your crops, you can get gold to expand and beautify you farmland. You will love good green and clean environment. It is an easy to play the farming game.

Controls  Gameplay  Graphics
3.7          3.9          3.9



15.Farm Paradise: Hay Island Bay:

Sail in sea and ocean to paradise resort build. You can build Paradise Township on Farm Island. FREE farming paradise is an experience about cultivating, roughage, wilderness, coco and holiday spa. Build a Heaven Township, lay in the midst of some recreation, and eat bananas from the homestead. Welcome delightful farm creatures and farm companions to your heaven! This day you can have a farm heaven – time to develop hay on your land! Surprisingly, this new farm game have progressively 10 000 000 players!
You can create your own zoo, build island airport. You also can have steamboat and invite tourists to our farm. You always can give an unforgettable adventure to your villagers making your farmland exquisite and unique.

Controls Gameplay Graphics
4.0          4.2          4.3



Final touch

The offline farming games offer something different taste of playing games in smart devices. All who are tired of living in the city life can refresh their mind by playing agricultural games. I have listed top farm games which are the most addictive, have nice graphics, relaxing, easy to play as well as strategic. Special features like a wonderful island, hidden treasure, evil monsters beautiful decorations and much more are also available in village farm games. You can also enjoy animal farm games to play in your idle time.

Agriculture games are brilliant and animations are hilarious. You can download any of the shortlisted farm games above and enjoy the management of own farmland. Hopefully, your gaming experiences will be enriched and extend by these fantastic Free Farm Games.

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