Powerful Mini Portable Speakers (1)
Powerful Mini Portable Speakers (1)

First, there was the boombox, the big cassette player-type object that you would carry on your shoulders back in the day. Soon after earphones came in, Sony completely changed the game with the Walkman. The 2000s saw the rise of iPods and MP3 players, but then, it all changed when it was discovered music can be shared wirelessly and seamlessly through Bluetooth. Enter the Bluetooth speaker.No wires, no extra accessories. Your phone and only a few swipes and touches are all that is needed to operate a Bluetooth or even a wifi speaker or mini portable speakers.

7 Powerful Mini Portable Speakers that Sounds Brilliant!

If you’re someone who has been in the music scene for a long time then you know how essential it is to listen to your music in the best way possible. So today, we have for you our pick of 7 Powerful Mini Portable Speakers that Sounds Brilliant!


1.Bose SoundLink Color 

The first entry into our list is all that a good mini Bluetooth speaker should be. It packs a decent amount of sound in terms of size, as well as a hefty 8-hour battery life that has been improved from the last generation of this line of speakers.It features NFC connectivity so that you can just tap your phone on it to pair.

As far as design goes, it sports a very modest look with a soft-to-the-touch finish in a wide variety of colours.Add to that its IPX-4 certified water-resistance, and you have for yourself a very very decent wireless speaker. It won’t break the bank, so it’s a good option for a cheap Bluetooth speaker.


2.JBL Pulse 2

If you have ever been around a Bluetooth speaker before, you have certainly come across the JBL Pulse line. We tend to view wireless speakers as minimalistic, and simple, but that is why the JBL Pulse 2 is so refreshing. Modest is not in this little fella’s dictionary as it offers a very cool, very flashy “interactive” light show thanks to LED lights that are built in around the outer surface of the device. But don’t let the lights and colours fool you.

This thing really packs a punch as well. It’s fairly loud, and durable. It will provide you long durations of listening to your favourite music with a 10-hour battery life. With the press of a button on the side of the speaker, you can switch between many different light effects.
Including fire, rain, fireworks as well as custom lights, adjustable via a companion app. A prism, embedded in the speaker, allows you to even choose your own colour thanks to a “colour sensor”. That’s pretty cool.


3. JBL Charge 3

Keeping with the JBL theme, next we have the JBL Charge 3. Among the top producers of Bluetooth speakers, the Charge line from JBL is one of the very very few that makes speakers which can also be used as external batteries. That’s what makes this one really special, but other than that, it sounds very good as well.

It delivers sound that is very true and crisp. With an impressive 20 hours of battery, you’ve got power for days. And using the JBL companion app again, you can also wirelessly connect this speaker to other ones with “JBL Connect” enabled for a wider, more amplified soundstage.

When it comes to design, JBL never disappoints either. It looks very neat, with a smooth, grippy texture on the outside.It comes in many colours as JBL products usually do, and it’s worth noting this one is a full-on waterproof Bluetooth speaker as well, with IPX7 certification, meaning you can submerge this speaker fully underwater and not have to worry about a thing. Perfect for pool parties and similar events.


 4.Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2

Next on our list is a speaker that is packed with features. Five individual drivers, a 6,000 mAh battery, an SD card and a built-in microphone are all things that you can find in this gadget. A multitude of buttons makes sure you can listen to what you want and how you want it, including the Tetra Bass/Roar button. Press it once to hear the uninhibited low-end bass, or press it twice for a more all-around sound which isn’t as clear, but definitely very loud.

An aux-in port is there in case you can’t use the Bluetooth functionality, and a DC-out port allows it to double up as a power bank. All this makes for a pretty robust device, so it’s by no means a small speaker. In terms of decibels, this is probably the loudest Bluetooth speaker on this list. And all the features make this one a very refined speaker, too. Ultimately, if you’ve got the cash, this is the speaker for you.


5.Beoplay A1

Designed by the well-known Danish furniture designer Cecile Manz, this speaker looks nothing like anything out there right now in the market. Okay, not so well-known? Well, now you know because the design of the Beoplay A1 is simply unmissable. This beauty of a speaker is full aluminium and looks super sleek. It doesn’t sport any protruding buttons but instead has buttons blended into the surface on the side.

A leather strap allows you to hang it from a hook or even a backpack and the makers claim it’s robust enough to handle the bumps and scrapes of everyday use. Of course, this is much smaller in size than the other items on this list, but despite that, it delivers a surprising amount of bass, while not pulling short on vocals. Rated at 24 hours, this speaker is sure to be there for you all throughout the day – quite literally. Sheer looks and class place this one on the podium on our list, and although it might be a little too pricey compared to its competitors, this is pretty much the perfect accessory to a gathering inside a room or even vehicle. Oh, and it is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

6.Fugoo XL

Small, cheap, super portable speakers can only get you so far. When you really wanna get into your musical zone, you need to go big. Fugoo provides just that. Ruggedness combined with quality sound is what gifts the Fugoo XL second place on our list. This giant of a speaker really is XL. It’s considerably heavy too, so don’t plan on putting this in your backpack for a vacation. All the space provides spots for four tweeters, two midwoofers, and two passive radiators for bass.

What does that mean? Music loud and pure. The two drivers on this thing are on either side of the device, so 360 degrees sound is prevalent here. An IP67 rating means this speaker is fully waterproof as well as dustproof. According to Fugoo, you can get up tp 35 hours of playback time. That’s amazing, you will probably never have to charge it when you’re on a trip or somewhere similar. What’s more is that you can use some of that juice from the battery to charge other devices as well. This is always a fantastic feature to have on any gadget. Overall, if you’re looking for an outdoor Bluetooth speaker that you can take anywhere and will also treat you to some sweet tunes, it would be a crime to look past this one.


7.UE Megaboom

If you’re a company that just produced one of the best models of Bluetooth speakers out there in the market, what do you do? You go bigger and better of course. That’s just what UE did with the UE Megaboom after the success of the UE Boom. This Bluetooth speaker is the complete Bluetooth speaker you’ll see on this list, or anywhere else for that matter. Not only does it sound good, it looks good too. It’s tall, sturdy and very durable. Of course, like every other good wireless speaker should be, this one is completely waterproof with an IPX7 rating. Technical upgrades under the hood make it now possible to stream music to this device from up to 100 feet away.Speaking of streaming music, boy does the UE Megaboom do a good job at it.

The previous UE Boom was already loud, clear and pleasing to the ears. And now its successor is all that and then some. It’s now definitely way more bass-heavy. “360-degree sound” will ensure your party is banging, as this thing can cover a large area. A 20-hour battery life is already pretty great, but what’s better is that you can charge it very quickly with the help of the included AC adapter. If you were to ask us right now which mini Bluetooth speaker you should purchase, we would recommend this one without any hesitation. Choose from a variety of colours to get the best music possible with the best portable speaker out there right now.



So there you have it for 7 powerful mini portable speakers that sound brilliant. Choosing a good Bluetooth speaker can be difficult, but in this list, you can assess all your options as per your choice and demands. Which Bluetooth speaker do you use right now? Do you have anything that you feel should be on this list? Drop it down in the comments below!

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