LG G6 Review: Every Ins and Outs about the New Flagship of LG

LG G6 review

Mobile phones are at the center of our universe for most of us.We can not pass a day without our phones.The most famous version of phones is an android.We are now in a smartphone-dominated world.4G LTE networks are now available.This can beat many home internet connections.People want the most upgraded phones.All of the phone companies are trying.They are trying to reach to the demand of the customers.There are many phone companies in the market.Some of them are most famous.LG is one of them.LG has some cool smartphones with good features.
You can buy them at the wallet-friendly price.This year, they are bringing a brand new model for you.The model is LG G6.Last year, LG G5 was not a successful launch.After that, it’sLG G6 is coming for you.It is a phone of LG G series.The LG G series has been the Korean company’s effort.They launch it to beat it’s biggest rival Samsung.They have added a lot of new features in LG G6.The features are amazing.The phone will satisfy you its service.The LG G6 is 2017’s first truly great flagship phone.This is a warrior for the great smartphone battle of 2017.


So I am here going to give you a LG G6 review


LG G6 Review : Release
At first, I am going to tell you the release date.The LG company announced the phone on February 26.They released LG G6 on March 10 in Korea, early April US.

LG G6 Review : Price 

Price is the most important part of my LG G6 review.The price of the phone is $750 USD.

 LG G6
LG G6 Review: Design

The design of LG G6 is amazing.There was some lack in the modular design of LG G5.LG has made changes in the design of LG G6.You have three colors to choose for your LG G6.They are platinum, finger printblack and white color.I think the platinum color is the most attractive.LG G6 is water resistant.The phone set has Gorilla Glass 5 on the rear.It has a metallic rim to hold it all together.Longer and thinner display makes the look smartfingerprintsensor remains on the back of the phone.The new 18:9 ratio for the display is good.It makes the handset easier to handle in one hand.LG G6 supports micro SD cards.The micro SD card slot is within the SIM tray.There is USB type-C on the bottom.The headphone jack is still present at the top.The battery is not removable.LG G6 has 5.7 inch screen on the front.The front of the phone is mostly screen with slender bezels.Overall,this is a premium looking phone.



LG G6 display
LG G6 Review: Display
The display is another important part of my LG G6 review.It is longer than most smartphone screens.The trend, of course, is to launch 5.5-inch phones.But the LG G6 isn’t about going with the trend.It’s about trying to carve out a new one.The phone has Full Vision QHD+ screen with an ultra-wide 18:9 aspect ratio.That is unusual for a smartphone.But it’s a wonderful sight to behold.The display is ideal for split screen apps and movie playback.The Quad HD screen has a resolution of 2,880 x 1,440.The LG G6 has a pixel density of 564 pixels per inch.The pixel density is more than iPhone 7 plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.In short, always onthe screen on the LG G6 should be eye-popping.The display’s colors are accurate and details are sharp.The viewing angles are good too.Even the contrast is impressive for an LCD panel.It’s also apparently 30% less power hungry.The display has better touch performance.It is also easier to view in direct sunlight.Both Dolby Vision and HDR10 are present in the display.The LG G6 display also mainalways-onmode.This mode permanently shows the time and some notifications.These are the all features of the display.Overall,it’s a brilliant display.


LG G6 Review: Software
Now I am telling you about the Software in my LG G6 review.The LG G6 runs Google’s Android Nougat operating system with a slightly different look.The phone has a fairly customized software.LG’s new Square Camera app has a number of shooting modes.The regular camera app now also has a scrolling gallery.It is set at the side of the screen.It makes easier to see your camera roll.You can switch the theme around.You can change the look and feel of the icons.Visually, it’s pretty.LG has worked very hard to bring the user a more pleasing experience.Multitasking is also good on the LG G6.There are some basic default apps from LG.They are Clock,Calculator, Tasks, Contacts, Calendar and Music.There is also a Smart Cleaning App.It helps to get rid of any junk bogging down your phone.There are three default home screen styles.You can go with a traditional home screen with an app drawer.You also can choose a home with no app drawer.And there is an Easy Home for you.These make things much bigger and easier to navigate.There are some pretty annoying elements in LG G6 software.The most annoying is to access the app tray.You have to slide a finger downwards on the home screen.There is no shortcut or option to put in a shortcut.The LG G6 has plenty of applications.The software is very responsive.



LG G6 Review : Camera

 LG G6

The camera of LG G6 is simply awesome.The camera is a 13MP dual-lens snapper.The G6 has one wide-angle lens and a regular lens.It allows you to switch between them with a quick tap of an icon in the camera app.The wide-angle lens offers a 125 degree angle.LG has also made the selfie camera wide angle.It is 5MP.The selfie camera has a 100 degree field of view.With the front camera,you can apply a good amount of filters.You also can adjust the brightness and skin tone.There is also a small drop down menu.By using this,you can quickly share a selfie on your social networks.The wide angle lens is great for capturing big scenes.The standard lens is best for more focused and detailed shots.The camera is also good at handling macro style shots.Grid is the simplest and is a quick way to create a four image grid of pictures.It’s the most simple and most effective mode.Match mode is set up to capture two images like in Grid.The camera is generally sharp, natural and noise-free.The photos from the LG G6 are super.


LG G6 Review : Battery Life
Battery Life is the most important thing for smartphone users.It is your biggest concern for buying a new phone.It’s time to tell you about LG G6’s battery life.Inside the LG G6,there is a 3,300mAh battery.The battery is non-removable.It is big enough to easily last a full day.You’ll be pleased to know that the G6 comes with Quick Charge 3.0 support.It can get from 0-50 percent charge in just 35 minutes.The battery performance is very solid here.



LG G6 Review: Typing Experience
In my LG G6 review, here are some information about typing on the phone.The phone has a big screen.So it is a problem for typing in one hand.LG’s keyboard has the number row and predictive text row switched on.With a small keyboard, you really appreciate the extra screen length.

LG G6 Review: Other Features
LG G6 has some others cool features for you.LG had already confirmed a new Quad DAC (digital to analog converter) for the phone.This will apparently lead to almost no distortion or loss of acoustic information.LG G6 is offering balanced sound so all of your audio is at its best.Sadly, that’s only coming to South Korea.The main speaker is a mono speaker but has good sound quality.At high volume, the clarity is good also.The call quality is clear and has good volume.In addition, It’s the noise canceling is very good.The phone is water resistant.You will have no issues using it in a shower and a steam room.LG also uses Google Assistant in theIts features are not the same globally.


LG G6 Review: Performance
LG G6 gives you a great performance.The processor for the LG G6 is the Snapdragon 821.Snapdragon 821 has great performance.The phone has 4GB RAM.It has 32 GB internal memory.You can extend it by using a micro SD card up to 2 GB.There is a 64 GB version but it is only available in South Korea for now.The performance is great in everyday use and with games.LG gives the option to adjust the maximum frame rate and resolution for games.

LG G6 Review: Verdict

The LG G6 is no doubt a striking smartphone.There is up and down in LG G-series history.But LG G6 is the best in the series.It is better than the LG G5.The software is lightweight and easy to customize.The dual camera system offers a lot of versatility.It is a more refined smartphone than both the G4 and G5.There’s a lot to cover with the G6.The screen is the perfect companion for watching Netflix in HDR.The aspect ratio does cause one or two issues with some games and apps.But rescaling them can overcome these issues.LG has quietly managed to build a mature phone.

Finishing Talk:
The LG G series has been getting better and better over the years.I have told you about the features and almost everything about the LG G6.You can get almost every information of LG G6 from this LG G6 review.LG has quietly managed to build a mature phone with next to no bezels.It has some genuinely unique features in the software.Every phone has some annoying issues.LG G6 also has them.But this is not a big problem.There are lots of android phones in the market.They are in a competition.LG G6 is also perfect to join the competition.The users will feel comfortable to use this phone.This is one of the best phones in the year 2017.The G6 is as a good a choice as any flagship on the market right now.All in all the LG G6 is a great phone that’s every bit the flagship.




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