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Many new torrent sites have born after the shutdown of, there was a time when they were the only king when it is the torrent download. So I am going to discuss over Best alternatives to kickass Torrents for you.

We all know that kickass torrents is our best favorite site overall torrenting sites. But now its banned or I can say that we can not access it. After taking down torrent sites owner they have banned the site.

We all know that man is mortal.So no one will live forever. So what will we do then?Does it mean that it will be the end of torrent downloading?Will torrent downloads disappear?

So, when a web is closed or banned there is always some alternative web that can save our lives. You might be thinking that its mythological legend but its the reality. The new heads are even stronger and modified.

But if you are searching for a public website to download torrents then it’s been closed.You will be glad to know that there are several alternative sites which are similar to KAT torrent site.

Kickass Torrents is Back!

So if you were missing kickass torrents then stop looking for alternative sites related to the kickass torrents site. Because the original creators of this mythical web of download torrents are back with the new kickass torrents site. It has the same design and more upgraded than ever.

This new site is available in the domain kickass Domain)and it is the continuation of the died project of new site contains the original web design of old Kickass torrents and it also contains a huge catalog like a Kickass Torrents. Now it is becoming a part of KAT Torrent site.

What Happened to Kickass Torrents?

The US government arrested 30 years old Ukrainian Artem Vaulin with the help of police.And also the alleged owner of the Kickass Torrents site.

50 million visitors each month made the KAT torrent one of the largest an popular sharing site on the web. It was also ahead of The Pirates Bay. The revenue of this site was estimated approximately $12 million to $22 million.

They have also accused Artem Vaulin of helping over $1 billion worth of copyrights work and disregarding the DMCA rule (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

Not only this, US authorities have also entered in the below link but all these sites addresses used a proxy to avoid the circumstance.

  • Alternatives that working in  2018

we have listed this sites depending on the most visited sites update.After kickass torrents got down this sites came to grab the hand.

1.The Pirate Bay – Most visited Torrent site

After the unexpected shutdown of KAT, Pirate Bay has become the official most used torrent site all over the world. Although bay is more famous and popular representative for the pirate download, they were placed second because of the KAT site.
kickass torrent


So it was a logical reason to replace the position of KAT with The Pirate Bay. But it doesn’t seem to affect the project for a bit. But you will find constant leaps from one to another within moments of your use.


The unexpected down of Kickass Torrents was shocking to everyone. It was the most popular accounts among dozens of torrents site.Now a bunch of groups is looking for the pirate site and alternatives to share files and Extratorrent is one best and favourite alternative comparing with kickass torrents.
kickass torrent

Before KAT got down Extratorrent was already known as a good alternative to a torrent site. And now it covers a little gap of KAT torrent.One of the interesting things is the first page of this site is almost similar to the KAT torrent site, along with different categories and languages of Kickass Torrents.

The creator of this site says that Extratorrent has the largest torrent system among all.And that is because they do not depend on a single tracker, you can easily upload or download torrents using any tracker on the network. Which is a good thing for Extratorrent.

3.RuTracker, from Russia with torrents

RuTracker has an interesting history. It was born as a private website. Registration was required to download and also there was pressure from the industry to close it. They were blocked by many Russian operators and they were forced to sign collaborations with copyright owners.

kickass torrentIn the End, admin decided not to close this site but Instead of closing this site they made it public to everyone. And allowing all kinds of torrents.And in this way, RuTracker became one of the popular sites for torrent download.

This site is in Russian language but you will not face any problem while translating this site. They provide a huge number of categories. We can easily create an account for download and search purpose. But if we do not register we will have to use the google search and we will only get magnet instead of other facilities.

Thank the wide network of torrenting site RuTracker has become one of the famous alternative sites for torrent download.


4.Limetorrents, Best of the torrent Network 

Comparing with the other websites on the list this site is totally different. They link to torrent files which are stored on other websites. So we can say that it is kind of catalog which can help us to find what we are looking for regardless of the page.

kickass torrentBut the bad side of Limetorrent is that they do not have any kind of community as such. So if you are looking for this type of site you should try other sites on my list. Also, you will find no content for adults.

5.Demonoid, Best private tracker Turned into public

Demonoid was the benchmark in the private torrent trackers for a long time. But after the closed down of there site they came up with more power and force than ever. They decided to public there site for all users as Kickass Torrents alternative. Therefore there will be no need for registration. But still, you can register if you want to.

Because of many KAT users, it’s popularity has increased day by day. So, here you will find as many files as possible on the web and you will enjoy a better community support.


If you are thinking that YTS.AG covers all the files of BitTorrent then you are wrong.It is not exactly a BitTorrent site. It is focused more toward movies, music, TV shows that you can download in different qualities like 720p,1080p and 3D vision.

Kickass Torrents

Here you will find only YTS movie torrents, nothing more.But we always recommend using VPN while you are downloading a file from YTS.AG.

In YTS.AG you will find over 6300 titles which is a good sign for Kickass Torrents alternative for movie, music and TV shows downloads.

In the End

Of course, there are so many torrent sites on the web and many more sites are born every month. But these are the best alternative to Kickass Torrents 2017 in which you will find the best torrent support than ever. And also there is a possibility of returning original KAT but still, we should not bet on it. So what page are you going to use to replace the need for Kickass torrents?

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