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Are you a true lover of torrent download world on the net? Then certainly you are well aware of their sparking recent popularity. But watch out! Day by day things is becoming risky.If you are a fan user of Kickass Proxy you know the story better than us. Just visit their site regularly & you will be surprised to discover how the domain change just in a couple of days.

All over the world one after another government security agencies are strictly taking action as well as cracking kickass proxy sites down ruthlessly.

Their main target is Best torrent sites for privacy and copyright issue. Even as some are feeling high insecurity these torrents are closing willingly. one of the most popular such torrent address is Kickass. Within very short time they gained super popularity. However, present crackdown mission bound them to stay afloat and rapid change of their domain in a routine work.

Around the world some ISP providers as well as many countries strictly block these sites as they are not legal. Even they never allow to access them for their users. So, naturally, a big challenge will face you. Solution? Here comes the help of Kickass Proxy sites. If you are not familiar let’s explain.

Proxy Server

In your absence when someone uses your position, take the benefit, does some work this is simply known as the proxy server. Since your government or ISP has blocked Kickass Proxy sites, you need to bypass the system. Simply use another server and enter your desired site. It may seem complicated but in fact easy like a piece of cake.

It’s pretty simple. For some online request, you may use a proxy. Instead of going to the destination directly the request will go to the proxy server. There’s the magic start! Instantly it will change your IP and will give a new location. Then it will lead you to your asked site.

That’s it. Now you are free like a bird! You can enter any blocked site without any hassle using your brand new IP.


Way to use Torrents with the help of proxy

Usually, unblocked torrent sites are majority users first choice due to its user-friendly support. It is easier as well as faster than proxy sites. A large number of excellent proxy sites and mirror sites are created by these torrent sites. It ensures the similar experience of the Kickass Proxy sites for its users. So, no need to feel concern whether the original site banned or blocked. The torrent site will always remain ready to serve you.

But be very careful regarding using those mirror sites. Some sites are ready to spread a virus, some will attack your pc, and some are completely fake. Some invite falsely and make a trap. They will provoke you to spend money or will steal your valuable data.

However, you can give a try too so many employees and fans have made proxy and mirror sites.


30 Working Kickass Proxy & KAT Torrent Sites List 2018 !!

Police recently arrested Artem Vaulin known as the owner and creator of the Kickass Torrent. Officially the kickass torrent website is shutoff. However, the workers of the Kickass torrents and the fans made proxy and mirror site. As a result still, it is running. So without feeling sorry for great relax you can enjoy using the kickass torrents.

Do you want to experience the original kickass content? No problem. These useful links let you use and access the kickass torrents easily. Below we listed all the mirrored or proxy sites links that are active and ready to use.

NameSpeedStatus Very FastWorking Fast Working NormalWorking Very FastWorking FastWorking FastWorking NormalWorking Very FastWorking FastWorking Very FastWorking Very FastBlocked SlowWorking NormalNot Working FastWorking FastWorking Very FastWorking Very FastWorking Very FastWorking Very FastWorking Very FastNot Working Very FastOnline Very FastOnline Very FastOnline Very FastOnline Very FastWorking Very FastDown FastBlocked Very FastWorking NormalWorking Very FastWorking

End of the Line :

Here is our presentation of the list of sites. They are legit and still working. Alternatively, you can think to use other torrent sites such as Piratebay. Recently majority Kat users switched here. Rarbg site is another popular torrent site. Many countries blocked it. Still, it is operating its activities globally. Even you can use one of the most popular proxy torrent sites like ExtraTorrent.

To mask your IP and feel you fully safe you should use some VPN though without using a proxy you can enter into a site. Around the world many law enforcement authority trying to break the system. Downloading from torrent sites any content is not legal. Kickass Proxy sites may bring harmful result. Anyway, there are dozens of free VPN ready to use. If you wish you can also give a second thought to the paid version. Kickass Proxy sites will let you use any country’s IP as well as the unlimited collection of IP. It will also save you from any direct attack as here you are acting like an invisible man!



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