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Japanese Keyboard for Android: The keyboard is the essential features of Android phones or any phones.Every android phones have their default keyboards.But those keyboards are not perfect enough for the users.People want cool features in every app.They also find for cool features in their keyboards.They want fun while using the keyboards.Luckily there are a lot of keyboards available for them.People of Japan love their language very much.Their mother language is Japanese.They love to type in their own language.The Japanese language is also a very famous language.


7 Best Japanese Keyboard for Android in 2017

There are a lot of Japanese keyboard for Android are available in the play store also.The keyboards have some great features.They are full with lots of emojis and stickers also.Using them is fun.It is also important to know the disadvantages of the keyboards.Among all the keyboards,I am telling about only seven best Japanese keyboards.These seven keyboards are best for Japanese android users.


Google Japanese Input is one of the best Japanese keyboard.It has many cool features.The keyboard has a rich and relevant vocabulary set.It has convenient conversion capability to increase the efficiency of Japanese input.The developers have extracted all the right words from desktop version to cover all the mobile use case.You can find today’s date and time in the app.Google Japanese Input only has 2 modes.They are kana and romaji.If you want to switch to English (romaji input),just touch the button in the left bottom.And if you want to switch to Japanese characters again,just touch that button once again.In addition,you can also insert cool emoticons or Japanese moji.Google Japanese Input is a really interesting Android app.It is a popular Japanese keyboard among Japanese android users.You can download it from google play store for free.



Go Keyboard is one of the best keyboards for android users.It is very famous for Japanese keyboard.GO Dev Team published it.It has 200 million users.The keyboard offers thousand of themes.You can choose yours one.It allows you to show off your favorite color.Mainly you can pick something that suits your style.You also can personalize your keyboard with your favorite photo.There are fancy and beautiful fonts for your chatting.You are free to use colorful font with emoji.

Go Keyboard supports 60+ languages.Japanese is one of them.It covers 100+ countries in the world.You can turn the plain text into smiley emoji and emoticons.There are 1000+ colorful emojis and stickers.You can show your feeling by them.These will make your chatting more interesting.The keyboard delivers a user friendly interface.Another feature of Go Keyboard is word prediction.It will identify the words you use most often.Also it helps you to type faster.Additionally,Go Keyboard also delivers auto correction.So you can chat without any spelling mistake.You can reduce your mistakes on each phrase.The keyboard also provides various layouts.

There are QWERTY keyboard,QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard for pad tablet.You can change the layout.Go Keyboard will never collect your personal information.This is very helpful for your security and privacy.The keyboard also includes dictionary.It will tell you the meaning of any word in any language.The use of the keyboard is very easy.Besides this,there are lots of plug-ins.This is a free utility app for android.Go Keyboard also comes with a gesture support.Simply swipe left or right to switch lay outs.Swipe down to close the keyboard.It offers two types of writing input.They are the traditional tapping on letters and swipe.Go Keyboard is a highly regarded keyboard app for android.You can feel very comfortable to use it in Japanese.You also can download it from google play store.


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Here is another best Japanese keyboard for android.Kika Keyboard is the second keyboard in the content.This is another most popular keyboard.It is a smart keyboard app.Over 20 million people use Kika Keyboard.Also,it is an alternative keyboard for your android phone or tablet.The app will give you a new typing experience.It’s main function is to replace the standard keyboard with another.There are tons of android emoji and emoticons in the app.It also has kaomoji,large emoji,sticker,animated emoji and avatar emoji.You also can download other emojis and stickers.The app makes typing fast,easy and fun.This is the 1st keyboard with native support for WhatsApp’s skin tone emojis.It has lots of different themes.These themes are not a default in the app.You can download them with just one tap.In seconds,you can change your keyboard’s style.

You can give your keyboard any look you want.You also can custom theme by choosing your own photos.There are many theme colors for you.There are some features for the font.You can customize font style,font size and font colors.You can also download new fonts.Kika Keyboard has more features.It has a very simple configuration.The use of the app is very easy.The keyboard also has GIFs.This makes your chatting more funny.It is very smooth to swipe for typing.It also supports 82+ languages.Japanese is one of them.Kika Keyboard has different layouts.They are QWERTY,QWERTZ and AZERTY for phone mode.There are other layouts specifically for pad tablet.This is the best fancy keyboard with multiple typing effects.There are also glide typing,gesture typing and voice typing.The app offers you accurate next word prediction.

This feature helps to type faster.It also predicts favorite emoticons.Kika Keyboard has a cool feature of auto correct and auto complete.It also has the feature of auto capitalization and phrase predictions.These things also help you to type faster.You can chat without mistakes by using these features.There is an option to insert text in the form of pictures and emoticons.It makes typing enjoyable as possible.Kika Keyboard will never collect your personal information.It only collects the words you type.It means you are safe and secure to use this app.You can do all these things within the app’s main menu.Just tap to the top right corner of the keyboard to open the menu.You can change anything there as your need.The app has every smart features you need.It makes your typing attractive and fun.You can download it from google play store.




MultiLing Keyboard is another best Japanese Keyboard for Android.The keyboard supports many languages.Japanese is one of them.It has many cool features.You can feel funny to use it.MultiLing Keyboard has mix colors.You can adjust transparency for this keyboard.There are round and square style in the app.You can change the text size.The keyboard helps you to type faster.Because it gives suggestion when you are typing.There are some auto features in the keyboard.It will insert space after picking a word from suggestion bar.It will also insert space between swipes.So you can continue to swipe without pressing space bar.There is a voice key.You can use this key to switch to Google voice input.MultiLing Keyboard has the feature of word prediction.You can download various theme for the keyboard.Japanese language is available in the app.It will help you to write faster in Japanese.You can download it free in google play store.



Simeji Japanese Keyboard is a Japanese input keyboard.20 million users have downloaded it from google play store.It is the most popular keyboard in Japan.Simeji Japanese Keyboard has a lot of emoticons and emojis.You can see the emoticon and emoji rankings.It helps you to find the most popular ones.Also you can add a wallpaper to your keyboard using a photo or image.There are lots of features to change your text color.The keyboard has different themes.Themes help you to decorate your keyboard.It has all the Japanese letters.The cloud-based dictionary contains 2M entries in the app.It covers everything from anime slang to the latest buzzwords.There are many stickers are available for you in the app.It is one of the coolest Japanese keyboard for android.You can download it form google play store.



Japanese Keyboard is an app for typing smoothly in Japanese.It is very easy to use.This a simple keyboard for all Japanese users.The keyboard gives you many facilities.To use this,you have to set Japanese Keyboard in language and input method in your phone.Mainly,Japanese Keyboard has 8 themes in keypads.They are like Mountain Sky, Sunset, Mountain Grass, Color Wave, Dark Stone, Blue Valley, Color Flower.You can change as your need.For changing the view,you can add images in th

e keyboard.Setting facility give the user more option to use the app easily.There is an option of sound volume.You can set volume of sound when you press on keypad.The keyboard gives you word suggestion.In addition,you can change text color as your choice.Japanese Keyboard is another most popular Japanese keyboard for android.You can download it from google play store.




IQQI Japanese Keyboard is the last Japanese Keyboard for Android in the list.It is one of the famous Japanese keyboard for android.The keyboard has many features.It has smart word prediction for both Japanese and English.There is a search icon “Y”.You can search there by a tap without any browser.IQQI Japanese Keyboard has user adjustable keyboard height.This is very important to type comfortably.There is a text editor also.You can cut,copy and paste by using this.The app has 1000+ emoticons and emojis.You can adjust you keyboard skin.These are the common features of the app.It is very easy to use.You can download it from google play store for free.


Finishing Talk:
Mainly,people use android phones or tablets to do their works faster.They want those apps which are faster.The main goal of keyboard is typing.So people want to type faster on their android device.They love the keyboard which is faster.The Japanese Keyboard for Android app will help you to improve your typing skills.I have told you about their features.Mainly,they are for the Japanese.These seven Japanese Keyboard for Android are very useful for the people of Japan.The keyboards are perfect to express their feelings for their language.They can type easily and comfortably by using the keyboards.All of the apps are available in google play store.

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