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Think about it, when was the last time you picked up a landline phone, pressed buttons on a physical number pad and called someone up? As much as we like to hold on to sweet memories, we have to face it, the old days of using actual landline phones is over.Now you can use free calling apps in your smartphone.

That means we all now use our cell phones to talk to one another via SIM cards, right? Well, that’s not always the case either. While we have come to a point where landlines have become obsolete, we are still inching towards a day where we won’t have to pay any money at all to communicate with people. The stepping stones to that are apps which let you communicate internationally for free through the internet.

The benefits of using internet-based communication methods are huge. The first thing, and probably the most important thing is that internet-based communications happen in real time. They are more functional, and more versatile in comparison to traditional phone calling and texting. Therefore, free calling apps which let you talk to your friends and family through a data connection maximize the advantages of internet on mobile.


 15 free calling apps that cost $0 for making calls worldwide.

1. TextMe

Entry number 1 into our list of free voice calling apps is one which might not be a household name but is very popular in countries like the US, Canada and 40 other countries. With TextMe, you can send messages and place phone calls to all these countries for absolutely zero cost.

The app contains all the necessary features a good free mobile calling app should have, including the ability to share pictures and files across devices and to send stickers, emoticons and smileys; as well as some nifty features like sharing GPS coordinates with friends and sending videos directly with YouTube.

What’s interesting is that after signing up, you will receive your own TextMe phone number which is individual to just you and is to be used on this app only.Get started on making calls internationally for free by downloading the app from here.


2. Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger - Free chat
Yahoo isn’t really known for international communication. However, they do have a messenger app and the reason we place it on our list is that it has great potential for the future.

Given how Yahoo has been back at it with updating and rebuilding their applications, it should only be a matter of time before this app becomes a top choice for making calls internationally. We used to love Yahoo back in the day, and if you haven’t let go of Yahoo yet, you should try this app out right now.


3. Hangouts

Nowadays, there are certain apps which are sure to come pre-loaded on an Android device. YouTube, Chrome are two which are obvious, but another one which stands out is Hangouts. So, one of the main reasons we’ve put this app on this list is because, well, you probably have it on your phone already. Keep in touch with all your contacts with this messaging app and send photos, emojis, stickers, animated GIFs and much more.

Create group chats with up to 150 people so that no member in your extended family has to feel left out. Connect your Google Voice account for phone number, SMS and voicemail integration too if that’s your thing.You probably have it already installed but in case you don’t.


Line is a popular messaging and calling app which integrates the functionality of communicating as well as maintaining a social profile. Not only can you do all the things a good free texting app lets you do, you can also maintain a Timeline. On this Timeline, you can post your activities on a daily basis or comment on your friend’s posts just like you would do on Facebook or similar social networks.

This app is very popular indeed, with well over 600 million active users and several references on pop culture.Communicate and maintain a nice social outlook on Line from here.


5. Signal Private Messenger

When it comes to messaging or communicating over the phone, you can never be too safe. You need at least some sort of privacy and secrecy. That’s where Signal comes in. Signal Private Messenger is by far the most popular encrypted international calling app. Using end-to-end encryption, this app ensures encryption on all sorts of communication for all users.

So if you need to hide something from your girlfriend or even the secret formula of the Krabby Patty, Signal Private Messenger is the app you need.The download link isn’t all that private though:


6. KakaoTalk

Launched back in 2010, KakaoTalk is one of the oldest free messaging and free calling apps out there today. Hence, it’s no surprise that over 150 million people worldwide rely on this app every day.

You can, of course, send a message for free, share a photo for free and a place a call for free with this, but you can do it fast as well. KakaoTalk is fast, trust us. Moreover, the more you use it, you will get chances to receive coupons and deals from your favourite brands. A “Secret Chat” option is also very handy.Start KakaoTalk-ing here:

7. magicApp

This has to be the most unique entry on this list of free calling apps. Get this, with magicApp, you can call non-magicApp users – that too for free! Although there are some regional limitations, the fact that you can reach your friends who don’t even have this app on their phone is simply amazing.

The downside, however, is that it can only be used for calls and not exchanging messages or other things. Nevertheless, if you can make free calls to just about any device, the lack of the ability to send free SMSs won’t be seen as too much of an absence.Do magic tricks with magicApp from here:

8. Nimbuzz

Remember Nimbuzz? The messaging app from back in the day when we used to text via Edge mobile data connections on our non-smartphones? Wel, Nimbuzz is still alive and kicking, now with the ability to place free internet calls with an HD calling service which many of the most popular of free calling apps can’t even boast about. Nimbuzz has been around for a very long time now, and it still works pretty well.Be part of the buzz right here:


9. WeChat

By now, we’re very used to using products from China. And while many Chinese items may not last a long time, WeChat is here to stay. Meet the preferred messaging app of China. And since China is the country with the highest population on Earth, it already means this app has a huge user base – with over half a billion people currently on it. WeChat aims to be your one-stop solution to connect with family and friends wherever they may be. Featuring all the features that make a good communication app, this one also has a photo stream in addition to the features, where you can share your “memories” with your contacts.

If you need even more friends though, WeChat has a “Friend radar” as well as “People nearby” and “Shake” options to meet new people. In addition, this app has many addictive games which you can play and compete with your friends in. It’s packed full of features so that you won’t need any other chatting/calling app on your phone.If features are your thing, get the app from here right now:


10. Tango

As the name might already suggest, Tango is probably the most entertaining app on this list. Not only can you send messages and make international calls and all that, you can have fun doing it too. You can use masks and avatar, send stickers and use filters, and even play games while you’re video calling! That’s right, games and video chat at the same time.

Besides, there’s also a social area where you can interact with people nearby as well as all over the world. In the social area, you can view photos and videos of the ones you follow and you can of course post as well. Join a public chat room to talk about the things you love or even start chatting with a newly-met stranger with Tango.Join over 350 million users from here.


11. Snapchat

Snapchat, the social platform that made it’s creator the world’s youngest billionaire. Since it’s launch, Snapchat has now blown up and has seen itself make its way to literally almost all smartphones. There’s a ton you can do with it, but one thing users tend to overlook is actual voice calling. Everyone is so obsessed with the Snapchat stories and sending each other pictures and videos, they almost never realize that voice calls can also be done with Snapchat.

You can make private video calls, send messages and even decorate the snaps with a wide variety of “Bitmojis” for every feeling and action. Of course, it’s all totally free, unless you decide to take a screenshot of someone. You might then, need to pay.Start snapping away:


12. Facebook Messenger

Facebook dominates today’s social scene. It is there on pretty much every single phone nowadays, and with the correct influence (i.e, forcing) Facebook’s messenger app is on every device as well. Facebook literally makes you download it if you want to communicate with your friends. Since totally revamping the outlook and user interface, Facebook has added tons of features such as voice and video calling on their messenger app.

And now, Messenger is one of the best options out there for texting and free international calls. The “cheat head” option allows you to talk to someone no matter where you are on your phone, and there are many fun things you can do while video chatting as well, including using various filters on your face. One of the best things about this app is how one doesn’t even need to be on Facebook to use Facebook Messenger.


13. Skype

Skype is known as pretty much the pioneers of video calling. Much like how you would ask someone to “Google it up”, “Skyping” is still seen as the action of calling someone on video regardless of which app or platform you’re using to do it. That’s why it features so high in our ranking of best free calling apps.

Everyone already knows about it and features no added descriptions whatsoever. It’s probably the best option too if you’re looking for something very professional, thanks to Skype’s creators Microsoft.Download one of the most widely used video calling apps here:

14. Viber

Synonymous to free calls to mobile, Viber is one of the most popular options for texting and calling. Initially launched as a direct competitor to Skype, it’s been around since the very beginning when it was figured out you don’t need to spend your money to talk to someone. It has every feature out there, although it might be very simplistic compared to other apps.

“Viber out” is a feature which lets you place calls on regular mobile and landline numbers using credits if you need. It has a variety of compatibility support across several platforms too so that you shouldn’t need anything more than just this on your devices.

15. Whatsapp

The ability to send texts, pictures, video and audio recordings without SMS, to place calls both on audio and video, and a staggering user base of more than one billion, are all that is present in the communication app WhatsApp. That’s why WhatsApp steals the top spot in our list of free calling apps. It has to be the cleanest, most simplistic option when it comes to talking with your loved ones, with more and more features coming out every day.

A new “status” feature lets you post your activity or whereabout for 24 hours at a time, in a style similar to Snapchat. Also, if you’re like us and can’t stand those annoying Android emojis, WhatsApp has got covered with “actual” emoji support. When you start using this, you’ll realise why Mark Zuckerberg paid a world record $19 billion to purchase this app for Facebook.Join a family of one billion from here:


That’s that for 15 free calling apps that cost $0 for making calls worldwide. It’s very important to keep in touch with the people you love the most, and this list should have you covered on what app you want to use for that. Featuring unique options on each, just pick your favourite in terms of what you require and get chatting and calling. One day, we’ll be hopefully talking for free on our SIM cards, but until that day, these apps should do the job well if not better.

Are there any other app that should be on this list? And which one is the one you prefer the most? Let us know down in the comments – and as always, if you think this list might be helpful for a friend to figure out which one he/she should use, don’t forget to give it a share!

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