ExtraTorrent Proxy

Like Bitcoin once the biggest BitTorrent system was ExtraTorrent.cc. One of the best user-friendly website, high-quality torrents as well as a vibrant community is enough reasons you should visit ExtraTorrent Proxy.In spite of the recent many government-led witch hunt for illegal content downloading still it is considered one of the largest BitTorrent systems online.


A peer to peer (p2p) file protocol is its work system like other torrents. This method bases its usefulness depends on the peer numbers and their willingness to share their files or seed. The simplistic design is another nice character of ExtraTorrents. Its content is yet greatly spread & divided into categories as well as subcategories.

Its interesting article section made it clearly different than other BitTorrent websites. It regularly updates all cutting edge tech news and trends.Most searched category option is it’s another striking feature. This useful tool helps users to search and find quickly popular torrents. No popups and ads of these proxies plagues extratorrent.


How does it work?

Besides, it provides 720p or 1080p higher quality torrent. Low payload make it lovely to download! However, more polishing around the edges could make the site more beautiful.

A well-planned re-design of the box view lines surely would give the site impressively appealing and sharp attractive.Ironically Extratorrent on Dec 18, 2016, started encrypting their content. They intentionally did it to prevent ghost proxy sites to provide access to their content.As a result, almost 90% such proxy sites are now unusable yet they are working as usual. Authorities recently have taken down Kat and this was the only viable alternative.  At present Extratorrent has almost 4million torrents. The number is growing fast.

Want to download your all favorite movies in HD quality? Looking for an amazing torrent website? Extratorrents is your that dream place. Games, TV show, software all are supported by Extratorrents. User-friendly access, simple design made Extratorrent out of the box and brought lofty success.Free of cost Extratorrent let you download your all desired files. Just go to the Extratorrent website. Enter your selected movie name you want to download. Now simply hit the search button. At once the result will be clearly displayed. Now you are free to click any links and start to download the movie.

The main challenge of using the Torrent website is its restriction to use. Many websites are completely banned in some countries. Why? because this website promotes piracy freely. Naturally, some ISPs or some countries blocked these websites strictly.



Extratorrent Mirror site or Extratorrent proxy

Good news! If Extratorrents is banned or disabled by your ISP or in your country no problem. Your best solution is Extratorrent Mirror site or Extratorrent proxy. The Extratorrent mirror site is a clone website of Extratorrent.

But it plays hide and seek game use some other domain name. In the Extratorrent mirror sites, the content is just same as of Extratorrent. There are dozens of Extratorrent proxy is just waiting for you.

ExtraTorrent’s sleek interface makes it super easy for universal users to get the desired torrent. ExtraTorrent staff usually verify every torrent on the website.

They also consider seriously users comment on torrent regarding many issues like authenticity, speed etc. Their main target makes it easier for all to download premium software, music, ebooks, premium games, TV shows, movies etc. for free.When you are browsing in the slow internet or you are on your phone using VPN servers or proxy websites you need to be tricky sometimes.

Launched in 2006 ExtraTorrent was a torrent hero who can claim we came, we saw, we win. After the Pirate Bay last year ExtraTorrent ranked 2nd largest websites for torrents all over the world. If you search on net hundreds of ExtraTorrents proxy/mirror sites will appear. But only a few are real. Many are fake or contain malware. Just remember, always use complete URL when enter include https. Otherwise, at your end, you may get the site blocked.


Don’t forget

Don’t forget to use VPN as it is a must for your own safety. How to do it? Simple. Just download and install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. It will hide your IP address and help you to disguise a perfect stranger! Free & paid both are available in VPN service. But we strongly recommend for paid version as they are much more safe, reliable and offer better features. ExpressVPN, IP vanish, NordVPN, PureVPN are just some awesome reputed ones.


25 Working ExtraTorrent Proxy & Unblocked Mirror Sites List

You are welcome to try the torrent proxies below for full ExtraTorrent access. In this article, we would love to provide the best list of 25 ExtraTorrent proxies and mirror sites. They are frequently updated and well-maintained with the original ExtraTorrent site.


(being updated)

Add https:// before the URL Then click enter. We will try to update our list in a daily basis, so feel free to use.

Extratorrent Proxy ListSpeedStatus
extratorrents.ch Very FastOnline
extratorrent.red Very FastOnline
extratorrent.world Very FastOnline
extratorrents.unblockall.org Very FastBlock
xtra.unblocked.lol Very FastOnline
extratorrent.cd Very FastOnline
extratorrent.cool Very FastOnline
extratorrent.fyi Very FastOnline
sitenable.asia Very FastOnline
extratorrent.unblocked.re Very FastOnline
extratorrent.unblocked.pm Very FastOnline
extratorrent.immunicity.pm Very FastOnline
extratorrents.ch Very FastOnline
extratorrent.bypassed.pm Very FastOnline
extratorrent.pro Very FastOnline
extratorrent.ag Very FastOnline
extratorrent.meVery FastOnline
extratorrent.bypassed.st Very FastOnline
extratorrent.unblocked.st FastOnline
extratorrent.agVery FastOnline
extratorrent.agVery FastOnline


Fall story of ExtraTorrent

Due to copyright issue like several torrent sites, ExtraTorrent also got into some serious trouble. In 2015, it lost its three domain names which were used as mirror sites. However, swiftly the operators switched to new domains and quickly recovered them. But naturally, the hand of the law is longer than others. So, this sweet dream does not last long. The entertainment industry lost millions of dollars for them. Obviously, The RIAA and MPAA left no stone to unturn to crack down their deadly enemy all torrent sites. Ultimately, ET was taken down in March 2017 by its domain name.


To Conclude

For entertainment lovers around the world, Torrents enables to fulfill their demand. From movie to game, a song to ebook they are the great option indeed if you can select them carefully. Happy Torrent travel!