10 Best Call Blocking Apps of 2017 (Block them All)

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After the popularity of using mobile phones, anyone can now misuse it in different ways.One of the misuses is to call people to disturb them.Sometimes you get incoming calls from the unknown numbers.They call you continuously.As an example, android telemarketers call you again and again to sell their products.But now it is not a problem to avoid this fAndroidusers.You can use call blockers to avoid the disturbing calls.


Call blocker allows the user to block incoming calls from specific numbers.It blocks the unwanted calls.There are many call blockers available in the Google play store.You can download easily from there.And they will secure you from the unwanted calls.


Here I am going to tell you about the best 10 android call blockers to stay away from annoying people.




1.Number :


Mr. Number is one of the best free call blocker apps for Android.It is very easy to use this app.You can block calls and spam messages from unwanted numbers like the telemarketers.They waste your time by calling continuously.The app reports spam calls and SMS texts to warn other users.It automatically blocks spam messages without any need of blacklisting numbers.You can look up unknown phone numbers.You can also mark the phone numbers.Mr. Number can scan your call logs.It identifies your spam numbers and blocks them.The app stops your phone from signaling you.It rejects the calls when coming from a blocked number.This call blocker has some impressive features.Mr. Number automatically looks up all callers in your recent calls.The app is one of the powerful call blockers in the market.This is a free app in play store.




2.Calls Blacklist :


Calls Blacklist is another best call blocker app for android.It is both a call blocker and an SMS filter.You can add calls to your block list as well as SMS.It is very easy to use.The app allows you to enable or disable blocking with one click.You can also specify specific starting digits to block calls for specific numbers.It saves all blocked calls and messages in the log.You can also block notifications by using the app.This app does not consume battery power,memory or CPU resources.Besides it works on all android devices.Calls Blacklist has another amazing feature of “white list”.This list stores all never blocked numbers.The app will never block calls or SMS from numbers of this list.Calls Blacklist has some advantages.It works on all devices and it is lightweight.The app also provides you password protection.It is a very powerful app that will help you to avoid unwanted calls.Calls Blacklist has over 10 million installs in play store.





3.Blacklist Plus :


If you are finding a powerful call blocker then you can not go wrong with Blacklist Plus.It is very simple to use and it works.The app has some cool and interesting features.It has both black list and white list.You can add any numbers in any format to both of the lists.You can also schedule specific timing to only block numbers during that time.There are different ways to block calls.You can either mute the call or hang it up.There is also the password protection function available only in the Pro version.There are four block modes of the call blocker – Black list,All except the White list,All except contacts and All numbers.By selecting the proper block mode you can turn off the calls blocking at any time.The log saves all information regarding blocked calls..You can also instantly hang up unwanted calls or simply turn off their sound.It is another best android call blocker.This is a free call blocker in google play store.






4.Truecaller :


Truecaller is one of the best android call blocker with some amazing features.It’s using material design and it’s nice and easy to use.This app will give you call blocking and spam protection.It is basically a service to identify unknown callers.So you won’t have to identify by asking.The app allows you to block the unwanted calls.Truecaller has an excellent database of numbers.They use this data to identify the person who is calling you.You can see names and photos of people who call.User can have the caller ID by using 3G or WiFi.You can search for any name or number and make calls directly from the app.You can also manually create blacklist and whitelist to block or allow callers.Truecaller has over 100 million installs in google play store.This is one of the best call blocking apps.




5.Extreme Call Blocker :


Extreme Call Blocker is one of the best android call blockers.It has a lots of features.The app blocks both the calls and messages from unwanted numbers.It integrates the FCC spam list.It also allows you to create your own blacklist to block numbers.This is a password protected app.You can block all the numbers not in your contact by one click.The most amazing feature is you can backup or restore from/to a SD card or Dropbox.The app erases the blocked calls automatically from your call log.The blocking history log stores all blocked call and messege info.You can set your blocking to start and end at a particular time during a particular day or days.This is a paid app available in google play store.





6.Master Call Blocker :


Master Call Blocker is one the best call blocking app for android devices.This is an app without any kinds of ads.It does not have too many features.It is easy to use.Call blocking is now just tap away for this app.You can schedule block callers if you like.The app has the ability to block unwanted calls with a list.You can create both black list and white list to block callers and allow callers.There is a button for you to enable and disable the app.You will get the advantages of low power and memory consumption from this app.The call blocker gives you the way to block calls.You can either silent or hang up the call.You can also view history of all calls in the app.Master Call Blocker is a free app in google play store.



7.Safest Call Blocker :


First of all, Safest Call Blocker is one of the most popular call blocking apps.It has some easy and simple features.This is an ad supported call blocker.It comes with a premium version.That version removes those ads.The use of the the app is very simple and quick.You can easily make your black list and block unwanted number.The app keeps out your blocked numbers of your call log.Safest Call Blocker easily blocks the annoying numbers from contact list and call log.The blocked calls will not ring.You can just check who called from apps history logs.Beacuse the app will give you notifications when blocked numbers call you.This is a free app available in google play store.



8.Call Blocker :


Call Blocker is one of the best call blocker apps for android to block annoying numbers.It has some cool features with no ads.By using the app you can block SMS,MMS and calls.The app also has the feature of black list and white list.You can add or remove any phone number from these lists.This is an app with excellent password protection.Your blocked calls will not ring.There is also a feature of pick up and hang up mode that blocked calls don’t go to voicemail.You can block both private and unknown numbers by this app.Call Blocker has privacy modes.They are Contacts only,Block all calls,Block only contacts from blacklist and Whitelist support.In addition,there is an amazing feature of Caller ID in the app.Caller ID will show call information during/after calls even for contacts that are not in your phone book. Also you can enable or disable this feature in the setting menu.You can back up your all data on your SD card.This is a free app in google play store.





9.Root Call Blocker:


Root Call Blocker is another best and popular call blocker to block disturbing calls.From the name you can understand that this app is only for root users.You don’t have to set it as a default messaging app to block SMS.This app has some interesting features.Your phone never rings and the screen never turns on for a blocked number.It has native tasker plugin for ultimate automation control.You can customize notifications with vibration,ringtone and LED colors.You can also keep blocked calls and messages private with password,dialer code or pattern.The feature Wildcards blocks the area codes.You can back up data to google drive and drop box.Finally the app will satisfy you to block annoying numbers.This is a free app in google play store.



10.Should I Answer? :


Should I Answer is the last best android call blocker app in the list.The app helps you to get secure from unwanted calls.It has a lots of cool features and it is easy to use.It also displays phone number rating immediately when phone stars ringing.You can block calls from hidden numbers and negative rated numbers.The app can block all numbers which are not in your contact list.It never touches or blocks any number from your contact list.Should I Answer is free mobile security application protecting you against unwanted and unknown calls.The app is available in google play store.






Finishing Talk:
Calls from unwanted numbers is now a common problem in our daily life.But after the popularity of smartphones, it is not a problem.Now you can easily avoid this by using these powerful call blockers.By choosing the best android call blocker you can stay secure and protected from unwanted calls.And by proper using of the call blocker, you can get the best security from unwanted calls.In the list, I discuss both rooted and non-rooted call blockers.Except for these 10 apps, there are also some apps to block calls.Some of the apps are paid apps and most of them are free.Maybe you will get the upgraded versions of these apps in future.All the apps are available in Google play store.You can also download them from their official website.At the end, Call blockers are getting more popular for the Android users to block the annoying calls and to keep secure.


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