Bike Racing Games for Android

Android games are getting better day by day.At the beginning of the Android system, we played some puzzle games or some normal games.Racing games are among the most popular in all of the mobile gaming.Whether it is a PC or Smartphone, playing the Racing Game is a really fun.Most popular racing games have millions of fans.That doesn’t mean they’re the best, though.There are many bike racing games for android available on play store.But many of them are not so cool as their names.Playing bike racing games in the android mobile phone is really exciting one.I am going to tell you about 15 bike racing games for android.


15 bike racing games for Android 2018 

1.Bike Race :

Bike Race is the first bike racing games for android in the list.It is one of the top downloaded android bike racing game in the google play.This game is the mixer of fun with bike racing.If you want to play a racing game,then you should try this.Top Free Games has developed the game.Also,they are the creators number one game racing penguin in google play store.The game has a tournament mode.It supports multiplayer option.You can race against millions of users on multiplayer.To become a master motorcycle,skills matter.To improve skills,you can train on single player.The gameplay is very easy.The control of the game is simple.Just touch the screen to accelerate the bike.And tilt the phone to lean bike.

There are 16 Amazing bikes and 152 racing tracks.You can connect the game with facebook.Your facebook friends can play with you after connecting.Beat your friends or any bike racers to earn the stars.Unlock the new levels using that stars.Additionally,Bike race free does not require any internet connection.This free game will not consume tons of data from your mobile plan.Anyone can play the game without wifi.The game does not contain violence nor any other mature content.Feel free to play it with your boys and children.The game is very amazing to play.You can download the game for free in google play store.


2.Drag Racing: Bike Edition

Drag Racing: Bike Edition is one of the top racing games for android.The game brings the thrill of realistic motorcycle physics to your Android device.Creative Mobile is the developer of the game.The game has amazing graphics.It has some cool and interesting features.This game supports fair play bonus.There’s no “fuel” that you have to wait for for.No “delivery time” for bikes or upgrades.Every vehicle is competitive and there are no “premium” upgrades.

It’s all about your skill and dedication.Also, the game is an online game.You can compete with another online gamer.There’s always an online rival waiting for you.You can also share your scores on Facebook and Twitter.Drag Racing: Bike Edition has many upgrades that will satisfy the users for sure.Users will have an option of choosing their desired paint colours.You can apply it the way they like.Win cool costumes for your rider in special events.The game has 17 extremely fast sports bike.You can download the game from google play store.It is a free game.


3.Death Moto :

Death Moto is one of the best bike racing games for android.This is one of the most popular bike racing games.Are you looking for the best free bike racing app for Android smartphone? Then Death Moto should be the first choice for you to accelerate your android phone.This Android Bike Racing game has got some serious actions and death is waiting for you.The main feature of this game is that you can pick up interesting tools in this game.You can attack other bikes.Also, every time you complete the rivals, you will get more helmets.

The closer you can knock down other riders you will get more helmets.While you give acceleration, eventually you will consume the nitrogen.So remember to collect nitrogen or you will fall behind.There are many cool bikes in the game.You have to get more points for that.The game has high graphics.It is a good action with a racing game.You can share your score with the ranking.You can share your scores to various social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter.


4.Moto X3M Bike Race :

Moto X3M Bike Race is another cool bike racing game for android.It is one of only a few good bike racing games.The game has some good features.It offers you 75 challenging stunning levels.More high octane levels are coming soon for you.There are unlockable super cool bikes are available in the game.It is not the most complicated game out there.

The game is very easy to play.Moto X3M Bike Race has simple mechanics,2D graphics and plenty of stuff to do.Time event is another cool feature of the game.This game did start life as a web-based flash game.So do not expect too much.Still, it’s a ton of fun if you want to kill some time.It is a free game.You can download it from google play store.


5.Traffic Rider :

Traffic Rider is another top bike racing game in my list.This is also a famous game.Traffic Rider is another masterpiece from the creators of Traffic Racer.It is probably is not actually a racing game.Mainly it is an infinite runner with missions.The game has many features.It has first-person camera view.There are 26 motorbikes for you.You can choose as your wish.The game sound is from real bikes motor sound.You can play the career mode.

There are 70+ missions in the career mode.The graphics are pretty good and the controls work well.The game offers online leader boards and 30+ achievements.Traffic Riders supports for 19 languages.The faster you ride, the more scores you get.This an amazing game to play.You can download the game from google play store for free.


6.Racing Moto :

Racing Moto is another exciting bike racing game for android.It is a fast-paced racing game.The game is very much easy to play.There are simple rules.Tilt phone to control moto direction.And Tap screen to accelerate.You have to keep accelerating moto to boost your score.On the right top of the screen shows you the boost factor.You have to watch out indicator light.

The vehicles may turn left or right.Racing Moto gives you the power of full throttle and races with full speed.Race with your bike in incredible fast speed in traffic rush hour.You can race your bike in multiple locations.The game is free in google play store.You can download it from there.


7.Highway Rider :

Highway Rider is one of the top bike racing game for android.This is another awesome game with good graphic quality.It is a fast and daring driving game.The game has many features.The game is very simple to play.You can use boost to reach crazy speed.You will get the crazy experience while unlocking different features.There are 4 several city highways.Drive through traffic on Arcade mode or outrun the police in Fugitive mode.This is also a online multiplayer game.

Crash and share your wipeouts with all of your friends.You can  Race for in-game challenges and unlock achievements.You can give your rider and motorcycle your own style by customizing.You have to unlock and collect all 10 Characters with their own motorcycle.This is a free game.The game is available in google play store for you.


8.Speed Moto :

Speed Moto is one of the famous bike racing games for android.This is the 3d moto racing game.It has simple control and excellent graphic effect.In the 3D category, this is one of the best bike racing games of all time.Many of the game lovers will like this game.The game is getting more famous day by day.Its 3D effects are really superb.You will definitely like this awesome game.

Anyone can play the game easily.Just swap your phone to control moto direction.And tap the screen to accelerate the moto.In this game you can ride the motorcycle shuttle in outskirts,forest,snow mountain and bridge. More and more maps and motos will coming soon.The game is free in google play store.You can easily download it.


9.Bike Racing 3D :

Bike Racing 3D is an amazing bike racing game for android.It’s an insane game and contains lots of stunts.This game is for those who love to do a stunt.Bike Racing 3D is the No.1 xtreme BMX game.It is easy to pick up but hard to master.This thing will keep you in the zone for hours.The game has quite a fast gameplay.The game has interesting features.

There are 60 tracks in Career mode,from easy trials to very technical.It has authentic 3D physics and good graphics.There are 5 unique bikes.You can select yours and ride how you want to ride.It is one of the most addictive game you will ever play for sure.You have the chance to prove that you are the most intense and competitive biker.The game is available in google play store.


10.SBK15 Official Mobile Game

SBK15 Official Mobile Game is one of the top bike racing game for android.The game is from Digital Tales S.r.I.It is one of the best games you can ever play on your android smartphone.The reason behind its popularity is because it offers awesome game play graphics.It comes up with realistic 3D gaming graphics with dynamic lighting effects.The game has 4.5 million downloads in google play store.The game has some interesting features.It has 24 elite riders arranged in 14 racing teams.

There are lots of bikes in the game.You can pick a bike of your own choice like Aprilia,Kawasaki and Honda.Three types of game styles are available.They are Championship,Quick Race and Time Attack.The game has supreme control flexibility with 9 configurations.This is awesome bike racing game to enjoy World Championship race against 24 riders group.You can download the game from google play store.


11.Bike Rivals :

Bike Rivals is another interesting bike racing game for android.It is a new and exciting physics-based motocross game. Mini clip has developed the game.In this game,you need to beat your own best.Even you can compare it with your friends.The controls of the game are very easy.Tap on the edges of the screen to accelerate and brake. Tilti the device to lean backwards or forward.This gives you an edge in key sections of the levels.Perform tricks like wheelies,back flips and front flips to get some nitro boosts.

The game offers you good features.It has amazing realistic physics.There are many bikes with different physics for a great gameplay experience.Many defying levels are present in the game.Bike Rivals is the most intense and competitive game.You can download the game from google play store for free.


12.Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag:

Top Bike : Racing & Moto Drag is another top bike racing game in the list.In this bike racing game you will to play against brutal kings of the road.On the way to victory will also enjoy underground wager and gang battles.The game has some amazing features.The graphic is clear and smooth.This will make you to feel 3D. There are 71+ heavily modded bikes.You can tune and customize your bike any way you want.Prove yourself against the most brutal kings of the road.

The game is available in 17 language versions.Break all the rules and experience mind-blowing bike racing action.You have to race against the biker gangs that rule the city.The game is very smooth to play in most of the devices.You can download it from google play store.


13.Trials Frontier:

Trials Frontier is one of the interesting bike racing games for android.Play this game and act as stunt man.You will enjoy flying of bike.The game has over 58 million players.It is a skill based racing game for your smartphone and tablet.You can perform wheelies,crazy jumps and flips mid-air.It is a multiplayer game also.You can battle players from around the world.

There are 250+ unique hardcore tracks are available in the game.You can play live events and weekly tournaments.You do not need WiFi to play the game.There are 250+ challenging missions for you.You can download the game from google play store.


14. Bike Racing – Bike Blast :

Bike Racing – Bike Blast is another popular bike racing game.The game also has some cool features.Here you need to ride your bike and swipe,jump,duck and dodge.The game has colorful HD graphics.It is also a multiplayer game.You can race,compete,challenge and help your friends.There is weekly leader boards to compete with the world.You can jump over bridges and buses.


Upgrade your powerups to get impossible run scores.Unlock the achievements and show off your skills.You can ride across the city and the park.This is a new awesome quality game for you.You can download it from google play store.


15.Temple Bike:

Temple Bike is the last bike racing game for android in my list.This is also an amazing game with some good feature.The game challenges you to take your trial bike deep into the jungles temple ruins.You can perform some insane flips and stunts in the game.

There are 20 crazy levels in the game.You have to avoid the traps.This will certainly doom your ability to progress through the level.The gameplay is very challenging.The game has realistic bike physics.You can download the game for free from google play store.


Finishing Talk:

Bike Racing is an amazing thing.Many people love bike racing in real life.Now it is also getting very interesting in android phones.These games are getting more popular.I have told here about 15 bike racing game.There are also many more bike racing game available.You can find them in google play store.But these 15 are the most popular bike racing games for android.There are lots of stunts, locations and bikes are available in the games.You can customize them also as your need.So go and download the games and enjoy playing bike racing on your smartphone.