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This year curious mind wish to know which Best torrent sites are the most popular? The fast-changing landscape of torrents looks quite different from long-standing tradition thanks to all newbies.In fact, the top ranking torrent websites experienced huge ups and downs.


Safest torrent sites mean storm as well as Freedom of enjoyment. Games, movie, music, media files, ebooks to whatever software you can imagine is easy to free download a piece of cake. Interestingly, in recent months several prominent best torrent websites have shut down. At the same time, some newcomers arrived with the welcome tune. So, naturally, this year’s torrent lover like your’s top list will slightly change. and KickassTorrents two major best torrent players in the scene recently shutdown signaling new guests arrival in this field. Fossbytes declared appearance of some fresh, exciting new faces torrent site.

The Pirate Bay considered the original torrent king after some troubled time is back to lead once again. However, his position is not unchallenged. RARBG, KAT, ExtraTorrent, Limetorrents, and 1337X just closely following as good torrent sites. In recent months they gained many surprising new visitors.


Best Torrent Sites 2018  for Music, Movies, Games & Ebooks

Welcome to discover the best and most popular torrent websites list for this year.If you look closely in fifth place, will amaze you as it is known as the unofficial Torrentz reincarnation. This site is one of the impressive highest newcomers. The defunct meta-search engine is copied from this site to feel and look alike. To beat its predecessor it also covers dozens of extra sites.

Another great example of doing well is TorrentProject. Its journey started a few years ago. This is the first time it achieved into the top ten position.
Last but not the least mention are Rutracker and Actually, they deserve the appreciation. If you want to warrant a listing, both have sufficient traffic to consider.

For this year below we arranged the full list of the best, reliable, most-visited torrent sites for music torrent sites, movie torrent sites or games or ebook torrent sites. We included the Alexa rank for each which is mainly based on various traffic reports. Last years position is also mentioned.


Best Popular Torrent Sites OverView 

The more high-quality torrent site means the best torrent sites for which you are after and the most seeders. A well selected, thorough and large list of best free torrent sites, you will discover here, is obviously a pleasing resource to find. Music, movies, Apps,& games)

Do you who is called ”king of torrents” and why? It’s classic The Pirate Bay. 50,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors a clear picture of its huge acceptance. In Sweden, in September 2003 Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij, and Peter Sunde developed this site.

In the world, TPB is the most used torrent search engine. It is well known as the torrent search site. It has always been, trusted here.

The Pirate Bay is a safe torrent site for file transfers as its servers support SSL encryption ( Secure Sockets Layer ) strictly. In most of the cases without feeling concern about the virus, you can easily download your all necessary .torrent files and magnets here with complete safety.


From popular books to download ebooks torrent, you can rely on this site. It’s user-friendly, easy as well as simple. For your desired torrent books just search, click the magnet icon to sync BitTorrent with the website.

All over the world, more than 112.3 million people love to use TPB to download Videos, movies, ebooks, TV shows, music and many more.For downloading music you can use this torrent as music torrent sites also.

TPB is the oldest torrent site in this list, previous year it was a bit silent. Now from its original .org domain name, this pioneer best torrenting site is operating after coming back from the dead.  

Last Year # 2  Alexa Rank: 116 Compete Rank: NA


2.Torrentz2 site is known as the origin of Torrentz2. Last summer voluntarily said goodbye and closed its doors. In fact, Torrentz2 is more likely a super torrent index. It has no relation to the real Torrentz as well as position.

The meta-search engine is an improved and new version mainly focused on searching for various torrents across dozens of other well-known top torrenting sites. Its usually search more than 60 other top torrent sites.

Torrentz2 gives a new and improved indexing algorithm to its users globally. Its estimated 15,000,000 unique monthly visitors proved its reliability. Currently, from 75 domains Torrentz2 indexes around 5.5 million torrents.

Last Year: N/A  Alexa: 415

Another familiar top torrent website is Extratorrent. It is one of the best torrenting sites. Recently has shut down. On May 17, 2017, it Went Offline. Simply over the past several years, its user base has grown steadily. Till 2017 May this trend was continuing.

For this amazing success, one of the main reason is ET’s active community. The popular ETTV and ETRG release groups are also the home of the site. For best pirating sites, it’s another super popular source.

Its founder has given great effort to make it at home for all visitors. In various categories of content, it is well known for the torrent download site.

But a noticeable drawback is Extratorrent has severely suffered domain changes several times due to so many torrent links number pointing to copyrighted content.

Last Year # 3 Alexa Rank: 244 (best torrent site for Movies & Tv shows)

Rarbg originally starts its journey as a Bulgarian tracker torrent website. Many video pirates just fall in love with its user-friendly support. It has gained their hearts and minds naturally.


If The Pirate Bay cannot give you support what you are looking desperately, Rarbg should be your second alternative. It is mainly known as the best movie torrents site.Beside this it is also known as music torrent sites.

In the today’s torrent world, Rarbg is one of the most visited free best torrent sites for movies.

Last Year: #5 Alexa Rank: 282 (torrent site for movies 2017)

Original YIFY group or YTS has no affiliate link with Still late last year successfully it took that place. Naturally, it was not a welcome arrival for other unhappy torrent sites. They marked it as the ‘brand hijack’. As a punishment, several are actively banning its releases.

Most happy users discovered YTS.AG torrents to be legit as well as high-quality new best torrent sites. In last few months, it gained a lot of users.

YTS is one of the most popular free torrent download sites. For its huge movie collection, it is well known best movie torrent sites to the torrent users. Non-intrusive advertisements with a neat and clean interface are the prime USP of YTS.It is used as music torrent sites also.

Even an API has released by the YTS team of their platform. The impact MPAA’s takedown campaign suffered YTS a lot.

Last Year: #9  Alexa Rank: 335 might be for you if you love & believe old is gold or more obscure torrents. Database of this torrent site is not so huge like others, but it might be perfect for what you are looking for.

Just a year ago 1337x had some serious issues. 2016 was a rollercoaster ride for 1337x as they were too busy to balance between imminent shutdown and stability. The moderators and admins raised concerns over security.

However, in the recent months, much progress of the situation has been made and stabilized. Recently the site rolled out a brand new design, improved remarkably and kept growing in impressive traffic.

In 2007 1337x came into existence. But it tasted its sweet success only after the fall of KickAss and TPB. Then the torrent indexing website bloom.

Like YTS this website’s graphics-rich UI also visually appealing. Everyday actively the website updated. Users of 1337x are strictly prohibited from uploading torrents related to child pornography.  

Last Year: #6  Alexa Rank:  819 (torrent site for tv shows)

Like popular KickAss and TPB Torrents as a release group, EZTV is also operating. In 2015 a hostile takeover shut down the original TV-torrent distribution group EZTV. New owners with their own torrent website came up claiming the brand ownership.

From the new group right now operates and releases its own torrents. After the takedown of KickAss the group now giving its marathon race. But due to its controversial history, some other top torrent sites banned these releases.

Interestingly, several meta-search engines banned because of certain suspicious movements.Like other popular torrent websites, isn’t so visually appealing for its some limitation. Moreover, it has annoying advertisement links attached to main options.

Still, daily basis update contents most probably gradually increasing its popularity to users. You won’t find if you look a lot of different every torrent here. But according to its regular users what they offer (torrents) is consistently good in quality.

Tv torrents, movies torrents, music torrent are its main character. It is well known as one of the Best torrent sites related to entertainment content.

Last Year: #7  Alexa Rank: 1,472

A torrent search engine. In the torrent scene it is a familiar name but for the first time, TorrentProject appears in the top ten.  In its current database, it has more than 10 million torrents. To find content the site uses DHT. It is known as a great alternative to Torrentz.

This site age is almost a few years. Sounds similar to TPB? The torrent website’s working way is its main pattern. Simply like The Pirate Bay, it crawls on other websites. At the same time indexes, all torrents present there.

Torrent Project in the last ten months, an enormous attention has received.

Alexa Rank: 872 Last Year: #NA



For several years Torrent Downloads has been present around. In several countries like many others best torrent sites ISPs currently blocked it. Yet the reality is, it has millions of every month users due to its index that provides popular torrents.


We deeply love this super straightforward torrent. It’s more than enough reason to give a try indeed. Besides, high-quality torrents and a huge database make it an excellent choice.

Last Year: #10 Alexa Rank: 1,946

Another best torrent sites in your search you don’t want to skip indeed. This year regained the top ten position.

Even just a few months ago to make it more attractive the site’s operator also launched the torrent cache iTorrents. Several other torrent search engines now feel easy to use it.The frequency of legitimate files as well as their rich database is loved by users a lot.

In the chart, LimeTorrents had been falling. Recently they decided to come back with a different strategy. So, in the current months, it seems that they have clearly gained some advantages over other competitor torrent websites.

In the list of the best torrent websites around the world, Limetorrents achieved another successful year. Surprisingly, around 2000 it has observed a rank boost. On that period around the world, copyright

watchdogs were running fiercely after such websites indexing torrents related to TV shows, music, movies, games and adult content.For music lovers to download music it can be used as music torrent sites.

Regular update, various sections for latest torrents and auto-generated lists of top torrents make Limetorrents a perfect global users choice.

Last Year:#NA Alexa Rank: 2,433

Torlock considered in the list one of the tops most popular torrent websites. In terms of appearance, Torlock is well crafted just like 1337x.

If you closely look at its varying categories of content you will discover more than 3 million torrents and magnet links the torrent site indexes.

Confidently Torlock claims verification of all the torrents indexed on the website. The website guarantee to remove all illegal links if it receives valid legal requests.

Have you been waiting for a long time as the “no fake torrent” site? It’s your that torrent address. It’s users receive $1 reward for per fake torrent they find.It is one of the
safest torrenting sites.

This unique approach makes the torrent site much reliable, safer and attractive too. To make money online it’s a good way indeed without investment while finding the perfect best torrent sites you were looking for.

Alexa Rank: 5040


Since 2003 The Demonoid site has been a faithful provider of a torrent download. It works as a number of different domains. You will need an invite to join here as this is a private membership community.


It is their both pro and con. You know a web of private torrents is safer. But on the other hand download of your desired torrent portals is impossible without membership.  

When this website will be your torrent part you can ask the torrent file with no hassle.They will at once give you a direct link to it. Demonoid offers two domains. If not respond, try

TPB, as well as IsoHunt, is almost the same age. Gary Fung in 2003 founded this torrent site. The naked truth is pirated content are always receive warmly welcome from IsoHunt with deep love.

Only in 2012, IsoHunt was freely sharing around 14 petabytes of content. The consequence came in 2013 led to the closure of IsoHunt. Interestingly the notorious torrent didn’t take even a month to surface on the net boldly.

As the replacement of the original IsoHunt the domain is now regarded.
Alexa Rank: 3800



Great user comments, as well as its “verified” status indication, proved TorrentFunk as a pretty popular torrent site. On the web, is considered one of the best platforms for the safe torrenting site. A total 2,173,290 verified torrents and counting more ready to download.

The site’s one of the principal points is torrent verification. It strictly tries to prevent any malware or false link. So, it thoroughly searches maximum torrents.

But honestly speaking not all of them are not verified because there are too many to imagine. Still, it’s better for users than no verification at all. Besides, they are working hard regarding this issue.


Every day more than 2000 torrents are added to this site a clear sign of their popularity in the torrent world. It’s user-friendly too. You can easily browse categories or can use the search bar.

Feeling not sure what you actually want to search? No problem. Just go to the homepage where you can review the Top 50 best Torrent sites list to take a decision.


15.Sky Torrents

A huge database collection, no ads, pretty clean, the simple interface represents Sky torrents a wonderful multi-million strong collection of torrents. Naturally, we hear its name frequently.

Sky Torrents

Sky torrents give a lot of attention to user’s privacy. It indexing millions of torrents apart from other best torrent sites for all torrent lover. This website does not use any cookies to spying & entertain no track user activity.


Final touch

Well, here is our time to say goodbye to our list of best torrent sites. For most users, torrents are blessings. From entertainment to education to inspiration they are simply so refreshing!It can be used as best movie torrent site ,best music torrent site or best gaming torrent sites also. But at the same time, it can be a curse for wrong users. If done wrong it can be a pretty dangerous activity. Various malware or virus can attack your computer anytime will steal your all invaluable personal & professional data. Moreover, you will face serious consequence if you violate DMCA. It can be huge if you don’t use a VPN and from a DMCA protected country like US, Canada, Australia, UK etc.

We love to hear from you. If you like this article freely share with your friends. You are welcome to share your precious thoughts & opinions with us in our comment box below. Have a Happy as well as safe Best Torrent sites to Download!

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