best Gallery apps for android

Everyone loves to take pictures from their phone, especially when your phone has a great camera.So, it is also important that the Best Gallery Apps for Android smartphone is equipped with all the features to manage the pictures.

Yes… That is what we will be discussing in this article as we share the list of Best Gallery Apps for Android phone.  


List of 7 Best Gallery Apps for Android



The focus is a fantastic app that can replace your default gallery app. Like all other apps, it supports all types of images, Video files and GIFS. It gives you the option to sort your pictures by tags and date, folders, and provides you with a tagging option to help in sorting. With its stunning designs, it gives you great look on the app’s home screen.


You will get eleven tags including Art, Family, Friends, Pets, Awesome, Travel, Me, Nature, etc. Its free version has limited features, and most of the great features are part of Premium version. The premium version has custom tags like; lock screen on a single pic, vault to lock images, and you can also change the icon of the app and much more.



The QuickPic app comes with some rich photo management features. It might be not the best-looking app, but its features are the best.QuickPic supports almost all kinds of images and video files. It gives you an option to upload your images to various cloud services like Google Drive, DropBox, One Drive, etc. with its cloud service.

QuickPic has features like internal Picture Editor, lock individual photos with pattern and password, slideshow, customization features and much more. The app is available for free in play store.



It is not the most popular app among all the Gallery apps but has the most intuitive interface. Piktures comes with many intuitive gestures to make navigation easy. It also has a calendar view along with Location view, which helps you to see photos inside a calendar or Pictures taken at different places.

The album option is available on the left edge, and the tags or filter option is available on the right side. It gives you an option of secure drive that can be protected by a password, a place where you can store your private pictures. It also gives users the ability to view EXIF data.


4.Google Photos

Most of the smartphone developers provide this app installed by default because of its superb features. It is the most advanced and smart Gallery app among all the apps. Google Photos have features like Visual search that allows you to search photos with the things related to it.


You can even type emoji to search pictures. It gives you the option to create cool collages, albums and movies.Using Google Photos, you can store unlimited high-quality images on Google Drive.



If you are looking for the best picture organiser, then this is the best choice for you. This smart app shows you photos in a circular interface, and you just have to tap on the name of an album where you want to send it. The organisation wheel is manual and a lit bit time-consuming. FOTO gives you an option to create tags and use them to sort your pictures.




It also gives you an option to hide your photos. The free version has limited features while the paid version has some more amazing features like custom sorting through drag and drop and many more options.



It is highly popular app among the Android users because of its best slideshow features.The app collects all your pictures and later presents it as a slideshow. 


It has options like dynamic Albums, option to organise photos according to date, time, location or the particular event. It is available for free, so you should try it.


7.MyRoll Gallery

It also a great Gallery app for Android users but what makes it different from other apps is its Smart Mode.With the Smart mode, you can create your personalized photo. Smart mode helps you in sorting your albums according to date, time, event and location.

It has a special Moment feature that provides you with a collage like a look for your Gallery. MyRoll Gallery has a quick notification reminder that reminds you of your best trips or events. It offers you 50 GB of cloud storage.


Finishing Talk:-

These are some of the best Gallery app, which you can download for free and makes your photo look great. Thank you for reading. 

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