10 Best Call Recording Apps of 2017 (All are Free)

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Mobile phones are at the center of our universe for most of us.We can not pass a day without our phones.The most famous version of phones is an android.We are now in a smartphone-dominated world.4G LTE networks is now available.This can beat many home internet connections.People want the most upgraded phones.Android phones has many interesting and useful features.One of them is call recording.Sometimes people forget the conversation when the call ends.Sometimes the don’t have pen and paper to write important ideas while discussing in phone.Also,people want proof of someone’s statement.All these situations seem to require a call recorder.Few android phones come with inbuilt call recording feature.There are lots of call recording apps in the google play store.


We are here to tell you about the best 10 call recording apps.Here you will find the features of the app.Choose as your need and use them.



1.Call Recorder – ACR :


Call Recorder is the first call recording app in our list.This app is compatible with almost all android versions.NLL has developed the app.This call recorder for android offers many feature.You can search the recordings and group them by date.The app has a feature of auto email.It means the app will send you the recordings in your emails.By this,you can maintain and take backup of your recordings.Auto delete old recordings is another interesting feature of the app.Also,you can mark the  recordings as important so they don’t get auto deleted.This app is also an automatic call recorder.You can set password to protect your recordings.The app has lots of recording formats.They are like 3gp, MP3, AAC,WAV etc.Call Recorder has different recording modes by number,contact,non-contact or just selected contacts.Some phones do not support call recording properly.If you don’t need specific calls to be recorded,then you can exclude those contacts.The app is free for you in the google play store.






2.Automatic Call Recorder:


Automatic Call Recorder is one of the best automatic call recorder for android.Appliqato has developed the app.This app will automatically record calls.Also you can choose to records calls only for unknown numbers.You can then save or delete the call recordings as per your wish.The app will provide crystal clear recording quality.It is very easy to use the app.You can also share the recordings.There are 3 default settings for automatic recording.They are record everything,ignore everything and ignore contacts.You can filter the incoming and outgoing call recordings.Google Drive and Dropbox allows you to save the recordings and synchronize to the cloud.Google Drive integration works on android versions 3.0 and above.You can enable a call summary menu with options to appear immediately after a call.Automatic Call Recorder is free in google play store to download.






3.Galaxy Call Recorder:


Galaxy Call Recorder is another best call recording app.The app is very simple to use.Indie Developer has developed the app.It has an option to delete records automatically.This will happen when the records are old or when they are not enough long.You can disable recording for incoming or outgoing calls.The app offers some cool features.It has automatic and manual recording modes.You can delete a record or many records at once.There is an option to mark records as important,highlight and write notes.You can save the records to MicroSD card and DropBox disk.From a notification,you can play and delete the recent records.Galaxy recorder helps in storing 2 way conversations.It will work only on some devices such as Samsung Note 3/2,Galaxy S5/4/3/2.You can call,send SMS and create an event from the app.You can download the app from google play store for free.





TapeACall is a famous phone recording app in the list.The app is pretty easy to use.It is number one voice call recorder for iPhone.And now it is available for android.It works on every android phone.There is no rooting required.The app produces crystal clear recordings.The app stores your recordings in the cloud.You can download them from there and share between your computer and services like Dropbox,Google Drive and Evernote.You can record both your incoming and outgoing calls.There is no limit on how long you can record a call for or how many recordings you make.You can label recordings so you can easily find them.The app supports 27 languages.It has a beautiful interface.You can email recordings to yourself in MP3 format.Share your recordings via SMS, Facebook & Twitter.You can download it from google play store.







5.RMC: Android Call Recorder:


RMC : Android Call Recorder is another popular voice call recorder for android.Nathaniel Kh has developed the app.The app only can record from microphone.You have to turn on the loudspeaker during conversation to get clear voice from the other side.The app offers many good features.It supports mp3,amr,mp4,3gp and wav audio format.This is a simple call recording app without any thrills or frills.It records all incoming and outgoing call automatic and manual mode.The app supports 4 digit passcode.You can play the record in the background.RMC : Android Call Recorder supports trash folder to avoid accidental deletion.It has movable manual record button.There is advance search with many option to find recordings.The app is free for you in the google play store.





6.All Call Recorder :


All Call Recorder is another best call recording app for android.It is a very simple and efficient call recorder solution for your Android phone.The app is very simple to use.It does not has many features.It only has some basic features to record call on your android device.You can download both incoming and outgoing calls by the app.This app saves telephone conversations in 3gp formats.You can share recorded conversations via E-Mail,WhatsApp,Skype,FaceBook,Bluetooth or any cloud storage.To delete or send a single record,you have to long type on it to show context menu.The app records the calls automatically.It means it is a automatic call recorder.Additionally,you can also choose for any specific contacts.You download the app for free in google play store.




7.Call Recorder :


Call Recorder is another automatic call recording app in the list.This a very simple app.It is also very easy to use.Lovekara has developed the app.The app lets you record all your calls in a very easy way.You can manage your call records very easy.It records both the incoming and outgoing calls.After installing the app,it records your calls automatically while calling.It organizes your call records.The best part about this app is its ability to organize your call records.You can view all your calls with options.They are like list by time,group by names or group by dates.You can play back, or save your call.The app saves the recordings in MP3 formats in your SD cards.Call Recorder is a free app in google play store.



8.Super Call Recorder :


Super Call Recorder is a simple and powerful call recording app for android.MeiHillMan has developed the app.It is very simple to use this app.The app offers some basic features to record calls.You can record both incoming and outgoing calls.You can also record both sides of your voice calls.Super Call Recorder supports every model of android phones version 2.1 and above.The sound of the recordings is very clear.You can use the app built-in playback.The app saves the recordings in MP3 format.You can easily export your recorded calls to the SD card.There is an option to share the recordings in email,WhatsApp or other means.It is a very powerful app to record calls.The app is free in google play store.You can download the app easily from there.







9.Wiz Call Recorder 2017:


Wiz Call Recorder is a new call recording app in the list.Paragon Info Solutions has developed the app.The app has many features.You can record your call by just a click of a button or volume key.The app will give you crystal quality sound quality for the recordings.You want to note something important during a call?You can record only that part and listen to it anytime later.This helps to avoid junks in the memory of the phone.You can sync over the recordings to Dropbox and Google Drive.This helps to archive the important calls.There is an option to mark important recordings to separate them from other recordings.The app provides automatic call recording feature too for recording all the calls.You can use different audio qualities and audio sources for recording.The app is completely free with no hidden charges.You can download it from google play store.



10.Auto Call Recorder 2017:


Auto Call Recorder 2017 is the call recording app in the list.This is also a powerful app to record calls.The app is easy and simple to use.It has some cool features.There are over 2 millions active users worldwide of this app.The app records call in HD sound quality.You will get smart unknown caller details notifications.The app supports 3GPP & MPEG4 formats.You will get password protection from this app.The app also supports multiple languages.The size of the app is very small.There is no internet required to use this app.The app is free in google play store for you.


Finishing Talk:

 It is a very important question that call recording is legal or illegal.Call recording is legal when the person on the other side knows that you are recording the call.Some people misuse these apps which are not good.The call recording apps help in many ways.But sometimes people misuse them to trap others.We have told you about the best 10 call recorder and their features.All these apps are free in Google play store.Let us which one of these is perfect for you.

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