Best Android Wallpaper Apps

Changing wallpaper is a quick and easy way to give your phone a brand new look.Every time you open your phone screen, you will find your phone interesting.Finding great wallpapers and backgrounds for your android device isn’t difficult.There are lots of apps are available in google play store for you.You can go there and find your app.Here we are going to tell you about the best android wallpaper apps.Use these apps to keep your phone looking fresh.

Download Top 10 Best Android Wallpaper Apps For Free

1.Backdrops :

The only wallpapers you’ll ever need.Say hello to Backdrops.Backdrops is an above average option if you’re looking for good wallpapers.The team of Backdrops has developed the app.There are plenty of free wallpapers available.They’re all 100% original creations that you won’t find anywhere else.Join in on the action and upload wallpapers yourself.Share your own pieces of work or photography.You can contact them if you want your own original work in the spotlight.

The app features a variety of styles along with some modern features.Backdrops provide an ‘Explore’ panel.This is a neat way to bring together both free and premium images.Click some hearts and build a collection of your own.There’s also a community tab for images uploaded by other users.The app provides the ability to rate and favourite images you want to return later.Backdrops lets you set an image to lock screen.Also, you can use that as your home screen in one tap.

The app arranges premium content into different collections too.You can pay to unlock individually.Additionally, you can just spring to unlock the whole Premium app.This will also remove the ads for around $2.The app is very helpful for your phone.You can download it from the google play store for free.


2.Backgrounds HD :

Backgrounds HD is one of the best wallpapers apps for android.This one of the oldest wallpaper app.OGQ has created the app.It is good because it has a metric ton of wallpapers to choose from.100,000,000 users have downloaded this app from google play store.The app provides a unique & supreme collection of images for your screen.You can enjoy the awesome contents with simple UI and great performance.Updates in 2015 and 2016 have modernized the design of the app.The app updates its wallpaper database daily.There are thirty categories of images.You can search images by category.There are thousands of images for you to choose from.

The number is constantly growing.Each image is high resolution.You can sign in and upload your images.Share your works with the people and keep in touch with them.This is the most interesting thing.All the images include artist’s information, license details, and URL of the artist’s webpage.You can keep the favourite images by easily saving them to your own device.Share the images to anyone and any other applications in a simple way.You would never have to worry about your memories or battery running out.The app will give you great performance.You can download the best android wallpaper apps free from google play store.


3.7Fon :

7Fon is another best wallpaper app for the android.7Fon group has developed the app.It has 120 thousand of selected backgrounds HD.High-quality wallpapers are available here in the app.Then with the resolution of  1920×1080 and above (QHD 4K and UHD).You can sort the images by date, rating and popularity.There are 65 categories of the images sorting by alphabet and section popularity.The wallpapers support of screens of any resolution.You can download the images and save them to SD card or to the gallery.The app has automatic background change with the specified interval (live wallpapers).Send your favourite images via messengers or share them in social networks.

The app sends you notifications for the picture of the day and of the week.It consumes minimum resources and does not run down the battery.7Fon is compact, takes in minimum memory.If you choose to create an account, you can favourite and rate images.Registered users can also submit images.7Fon has a smart searching system.This will help you to select HD wallpapers.

You can set up them as your desktop pattern.After choosing a picture, you can download it.This is a very cool wallpaper app for android.You can download it from google play store for free.


4.Zedge :

Zedge is probably the most popular app in the list.200 million people worldwide are using Zedge.You have to create a single login.After that, you can access all of your favorite wallpapers, ringtones, and icons from any device.The app has a large selection of everything.It offers some cool features.Enjoy popular wallpapers for your home or lock screen.You don’t have to worry about adjusting the image to make sure it fits.The app takes care of that for you.There are many categories of pictures like landscapes, abstracts, inspirational quotes, sports, and entertainment.

Live wallpapers are also available here.Preview and quickly set the wallpapers to your home screen or lock screen.You can save your favourite wallpaper and share them with your friends.The app also provides you ringtones, notification sounds, and alarms.You can also download app icon and widgets.The app isn’t perfect and features some of the more advertising we’ve seen.Zedge is making millions of completely free downloads every month.You can download it from google play store.


5.Wonderwall :

Wonderwall is newer wallpapers app for Android.But this app is a good one.It doesn’t boast massive collections like backgrounds HD or cool live wallpaper.But the collection it does boast is hand-picked by the developers.They’re mostly things like photography and abstract creations.Wonderwall is easy to use and has excellent design quality.The image selection is small, but great if you love landscape backgrounds for free.You can access images from Google Earth, Google+, and other partners.


There are categories.You can pic your favorite one and get a new wallpaper image each day.To allow you to use custom photos as wallpaper, the app needs storage.All of the images are high resolution.They should fit well on most screens.Wonderwall is free to use with no advertising which is nice.The app is available in google play store.You can download this best android wallpaper apps from there for free.


6.Muzei Live Wallpaper:

Muzei is one of the best wallpapers app for Android.It gets its name from the Russian word meaning ‘museum’.The app takes a slightly different approach to wallpapers.It is very easy to use.Simply double touch the wallpaper or open the Muzei app to enjoy and explore.The app just automatically updates your wallpaper over the course of an average day.The collection of the app is pretty fantastic.

Most of its images are classic pieces of artwork.To keep your wallpaper fresh, Muzei will rotate through your favourite photos every few hours.Muzei does not leave your selected image unaltered which is smart.The app will satisfy you by its service.You can download it from google play store for free.


7.Tapet :

Tapet is another best wallpaper app for android in the list.Tapet is a first of its kind app that automatically generates high-quality backgrounds.The app offers some good features.It is gaining popularity very quickly.The use of the app is very easy.Once you open the app, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of patterns and colors.The app will then create a wallpaper just for you.It also creates wallpapers based on your device’s screen resolution.The background comes with support for Muzei.

You can either select a random wallpaper or let the app generate one for you hourly or daily.The app does not download images from the internet.Everything is rapidly generated on your device. Images fit your screen perfectly and even create a beautiful parallax effect.This will make the wallpaper even more pleasant.You can set the app to surprise you with a new wallpaper hourly or daily.You will most likely never see the same wallpaper twice.The app is free in google play store.


8.Wallrox Wallpapers:

Wallrox wallpaper is a cloud based wallpaper app.It has a huge collection of material design wallpapers.Ankit Anand has crafted them.The app has fewer images available by default than others here. All the Backgrounds HD are designed in 2K (3200x2560px) QHD quality or UHD quality.This will  make your screen look crispy.You can easily set and download them from the app itself.

The app has material design dashboard with beautiful lollipop animations.You can crop the wallpapers before applying them.Hold the thumbnail images to apply the wallpaper instantly.There are some categories of wallpapers.Zoom the wallpapers by double tap.You can control some Muzei settings from within Wallrox too.It’s not as fully featured as some of the others in the list.The app is available in google play store.Download it for free.


9.Wally :

Wally is one of the best android wallpaper apps.It was one of the first apps to have a material design.The app is a collection of the best full HD wallpapers and backgrounds for your smartphone or tablet.It features tons of images available for quick and easy downloads.Wally offers some cool features for you.There are thousands of wallpapers in HD, QHD and 4K quality.10+ categories are available in the app.They are like Buildings, People, Objects, Nature, Food, Drink, Technology, Water and Fresh.

The app offers new wallpapers and images every day.You can go to the login system and create your favourite image albums.The app is very easy to use.It is a high-speed app.You can save wallpapers on your SD card and set the wallpaper on your phone.The wallpaper app is open source and totally free to use.Download it from google play store.


10.Pixels :

Pixels is the last wallpaper app for Android in the list.It is another highly recommended wallpaper app for Android.This is a collection of 100% FREE photos for Cool Wallpapers HD and backgrounds.You can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free including commercial purposes.Their professional moderators have selected all the wallpapers carefully.So you can decorate your smartphone according to your taste.

Thousands of wallpapers in HD and QHD quality are available in the app.There are a whole bunch of different categories.It has 20+ categories.You can set your lock screen and home wallpaper is just one tap.There is no need to sign up for an account to use it.New HD wallpapers and images coming every day in the app.You can save the wallpapers in your SD card.The app has a stylish interface.Pixels is available in google play store for free to download.


Finishing Talk:

There are more many wallpaper apps in the Google play store.But these 10 are the coolest wallpaper apps.Those apps will give your phone a fresh look with less battery consumption.These are the background apps you must try as they give your device variants looks.You can normally go to google and browse for a perfect image for your phone.


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