Best Android Cleaner 2018 -Maximize your Android’s Performance

Best Android Cleaner

Your phone has to handle a lot of stuff. You will store photos, videos, games, documents and all sorts of other files on it. It’s no wonder it might start showing signs of clogging up and performing badly. The solution is to optimise every function and to give your smartphone a good clean.

Android luckily has many apps to do just that. These Best Android Cleaner and optimiser apps can help your phone stay junk-free and keep working as intended.


Best Android Cleaner and Optimiser Apps 2018


1.Clean Master

Clean Master is a great cleaner that comes with antivirus software. It will clean your phone from junk files and alert you to any dangerous and malicious files you might have on your phone. The app will also help you stay safer online – it reminds you to regularly clear your browser and file histories, for example.

You get other cool features with the app. Clean Master keeps an eye on your CPU temperature, cooling it down by closing apps if you’re suddenly draining too much battery. It will also identify the most space-consuming apps and alert you to apps you’re not even using.

2.Startup Manager

If you find your phone slowing down, you might want to consider a proper app manager app. The Startup Manager is such an app and it can instantly optimise how your phone uses storage and computing power.

The app works by identifying applications that are running when your phone is turned on. It will then learn to deactivate those that don’t need to automatically launch. This in turnwill help your turn on faster and stay faster during the day.

Startup Manager (Free)
Startup Manager (Free)
Developer: Daniel Ch
Price: Free



3.Duplicate Contact & Utilities

You might actually have duplicate contact on your phone and this could be causing problems. For example, you might have a number of contacts with the same phone number or repeated names with different numbers. You might have other utility files that are exact copies and with Duplicate Contact & Utilities, you can get rid of them without a problem.

Duplicate Contacts & Utilities
Duplicate Contacts & Utilities
Developer: Sunil D M
Price: Free+



You might also enjoy the All-in-One-Toolbox Android app. The app can clean the cache and background apps, as well as your memory from unused and unwanted files. You don’t have to worry about temporary files taking extra space with the app.

Furthermore, the app also has an app and file manager, which can make it easier to find files, add new files and to permanently remove files from your phone. You can even get a handy “Easy Swipe” functionality, which brings up a radial menu that allows you to access utilities directly from the home screen.

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You might have heard CCleaner mentioned before because it is one of the most used cleaner systems for computers. But you can also use it on your Android device – and you definitely want to. The app empties your cache from unwanted files and monitors your phone’s usage. It keeps an eye on the CPU and the RAM, detecting apps you’re not using and notifying you to remove these apps. This can clear up a lot of space.

Developer: Piriform
Price: Free+


6.Droid Optimiser

Droid Optimiser is a superb app that’s another PC software making its way into the mobile market. The app is an all-in-one optimisation app that not only allows you to manage files but also makes it easy to keep your data safe. You will be able to schedule most of the app’s functions, which is a clever way of ensuring you regularly clean your phone.

The app comes with a single touch functionality that allows you to clean the memory cache and stop background app activity with a single click. You can also perform the more thorough clean-up by going over the files one-by-one. The cool thing about Droid Optimiser is the app manager that flags apps that have granted permissions but which might be abusing this power. This will guarantee you won’t have malicious apps stealing data on your phone.

Droid Optimizer
Droid Optimizer
Price: Free


7.History Eraser

Finally, it’s not just important to focus on keeping your browser history clutter-free. You should also erase certain apps and files from your phone to free space and make the phone perform better. With History Eraser, you can do just that.

The app can perform functions such as removing the cache of a special app, clear call logs, erase old SMS messages and even control your Gmail records. You can control how the erasing takes place – either clear it all with a single click or choose and pick which functions to perform and which files to destroy.

History Eraser - Privacy Clean
History Eraser - Privacy Clean


Now, if you find your phone struggling even after trying the apps, you might have to go phone shopping. But buying a new Android phone with plenty more storage doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can find offers to all the latest flagship, as well as budget, phones online with OZCodes. So, if you feel like a clean-up with an app just isn’t good enough, get yourself a new phone! Just remember to use the above apps on the new device right from the start.So, pick your favorite cleaner and optimiser app and make your phone perform better.


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