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Anime means fascination. It’s a dream world. People nowadays gradually fall in love deeply to watch anime globally. There are millions of people love to watch anime series. Are you in that club? All the newest anime series, as well as the most popular anime streaming sites, must be your favorite location if you are an anime fancier. Anime derived from the world animation originated from Japanese animation series. Focused on broad concepts, stunning theme and graphics brought anime worldwide popularity.

In this article, we carefully created a list of best site to watch anime as well as top anime sites for your better information.

Are you interested to enjoy all dazzling Free Anime Sites? Then first you have to discover the 4K/1080p HD effect best anime sites to watch anime for free. If you want to watch these famous anime series for free know what is the best anime websites. You are welcome to keep reading to find out the best anime streaming websites as well as the dubbed free anime sites. Basically in Japanese original anime series is launched. Anime is available for download or streaming. Anime is either subbed or dubbed in English.So we are going to give you a short list of best places to watch anime online for free.

Anime Streaming Sites – 25+ Best Free Anime Sites 2018

One of the most popular websites is Kissanime. Here you can enjoy high quality any anime. This site offers lots of various anime resources. Formats starts from 240p to even 1080p. HTML5 support is another eye-catching offer of Kissanime. Thus on your smartphone you can enjoy the popular anime. It can operate even in low-bandwidth and loads fully in seconds. Streame and watch your favorite episode without registration. However, you are not allowed to download and join in community discussion. From play store you can download kiss anime app.

2.Hulu Anime

When it comes for good anime websites to watch anime videos online Hulu Anime surely considered the top one Anime Streaming Sites. Are you looking for a complete solution for anime shows? Then Hulu Anime is your perfect answer. It lets you to search as well as discover the most popular anime. Feeling obsessed to watch and enjoy Dragon Ball Z on Hulu anime? Just write the name on search bar. Instantly it will come to you.

Hulu is not free. You have to pay a little cash to access. However, the monthly charge is quite reasonable,. It also offers 30 days free trial. So, easily you can check out before consider to purchase their any service plan.


Crunchyroll is a legal anime streaming website. It offers different solutions to find your best anime as it is known as the most active anime websites free for use. Crunchyroll this different anime streaming website makes a clear anime category for all users. Thus things become easy to find whatever you want. For instance all-new anime, latest news, forum to discuss the anime with other strangers etc. Crunchyroll has organized the best of the anime collection. This legal anime streaming website is available in most of the countries. Like any premium site it offers same features. There are both free and paid option is available. Some popular anime videos can be accessed for free. Rest of the anime video collection are premium. You have to subscribe first. Then you will be welcome to watch ad-free anime experience.And watch anime online websites for free.


If you believe in quality anime legally and don’t care to spend some bucks then it is a perfect site for you. You can access to all the latest anime, manga chat and so on. Crunchyroll also offers a 14-Day Free trial. It will let you to watch unlimited anime from $6.95/month. You can cancel your online membership anytime you want.

4.Anime Season

Anime Season providing the anime series for its users with stunning quality. You can discover all recent popular voted anime here. Besides this anime streaming site is divided into four sections to find the desired anime. They are Recent Anime Recommendations, New Anime Episodes, Recently Added Anime and Recently Rated Anime. Your favorite animes are stored there. Just have a visit this anime website and discover the truth. A few ads will increase your joy of watching anime. Its embedded video players let you watch online subbed anime episode. Moreover captions and titles on them it’s another nice advantage.

5.Anime Streams

An user-friendly anime stream TV sites is Anime Streams ( No popup ads, annoying flying banners, easy navigation made this anime site quite popular. Find easily all popular anime series on Anime Streams. Moreover, if you are a dubbed anime (anime in English) and subbed anime hunter, this site simply offer you that option.

Anime Streams

Are you a die hearted fan of particular anime? You are welcome to try to visit this anime stream site. You will find your all favorite anime here with request anime on demand.

6.Anime Heaven

Another remarkable free anime site for you to watch anime is Anime heaven ( It allow you to search through Genre, rating and year. You can find here Anime Series, Cartoons, Ongoing Series, new shows etc. Mac to Windows 7/8/10 are well compatible with it.


Another good advantage of Anime Heaven is users can download their favorite anime to pc. Video quality are different.


TubiTV Anime webSite is a well known free legal & best websites to watch anime. It offers its viewers a good collection of Anime. Usually on a weekly basis new anime series are added here. It is the best part of the TubiTV Anime webSite. You can watch one after another new anime here without any cost. Some renowned top entertainment company backed TubiTV. Recently they have made registration compulsory for users. However, good thing is the service is still free.


Another platform with a good collection of animes is Viewster Anime Collection. They promote themselves as an anime site as they mainly focuses on animes. Every week they add new content. So, never feel concern as run out of content. But keep in mind for a different region there is a huge difference of content availability.


If you are a fan of free anime sites with premium quality content then Animelab is your right address to watch anime online free streaming. If you are from Australia or Newzeland this is the best free popular animes site for watch anime online free. You don’t need to even one cent. A legal anime place to watch online. You are welcome to explore this free anime site as well as your all favorite anime.Animelab also offers dubbed anime. But its their premium service. The site is popular for its good collection.


Hidive is an ideal site to watch anime online. This platform let you watch anime series in HD quality from various genres. The site usually charge less than $5 for a premium account. It let you access to all the content available. Watch anime free online & the latest releases and dubbed series. Scale anime quality to 1080p, stream anime ad-free, create multiple profiles etc. However, this anime website lacks in content.


Because actually is not an anime site. It is in fact an anime streaming search engine. It help you to search the desired anime as well as discover the place you can watch your favorite anime series. Most of them are paid sites. However, sometimes a free anime website may appear.


No advertisement, amazing user interface and quite simple homepage brought its fame. Just type your desired anime on to search, hit the search button and instantly it will appear. Search result will shown with a anime thumbnail as well as platform where all series are available.


Funimation is one of the best legal anime streaming website. It is well known as a smart well-run anime business. They challenge the ability and provide top quality animes. It holds the official title. You can feel complete relief about authenticity as every anime you watch on this site is full Funimation licensed Anime video either dubbed or subbed version. If you choose premium membership it will offer you dubbed versions. Besides, subbed versions are available to free users.Funimation provides English dubbed Anime.



Daisuki can be your another favorite legal anime site to stream anime online. The site authority claim that Daisuki has close relation with major Japanese anime production companies. Naturally, it is considered an official resource which provide all most popular latest animes.


Just join here as a premium member. Then you can watch real, high-quality anime legally. Moreover, they have a quite good anime collection.It is one of the best free anime sites in our list.

9anime is one of the best anime streaming sites for all die-hard anime fan to watch anime online. The almost ad-free option made it an amazing anime site. It has many popular dubbed and subbed anime. The hosts many of the epic anime series.

This reliable anime site has a good a good collection and download is easy. Just play the series and click to download option for your favorite anime. Its alluring, as well as simple content, will certainly please you.

Another free anime streaming site is Chia-anime. Latest anime, popular anime series are free to access here. The site usually update anime episodes much faster than others. English subbed anime is available in It also ensure high quality, easy streaming as well as smooth download.

Best GUI is the main feature of the Masterani. I am considered as one of the top free anime sites. The looks of the site are as attractive as premium anime site. Its superb layout to explore anime series will surely impress any visitor. A synopsis, a big thumbnail attached to every anime of this website. You can easily find new anime using the review system. You can find the high rated series with no difficulty as all content appears with the rating of the star.The site is almost ad-free with easy navigation.

Want to watch anime online for free? Gogoanime is that anime streaming site. Here you can stream all the Japanese with English subtitles anime episodes. A pretty good interface, regular update, excellent database is made an ideal anime world.

The GoGo Anime app let you to watch free streaming anime on your iPhone iPad and Android devices.


You are welcome to watch the latest anime as well as other top anime series on AnimeFreak.Tv. This top anime website offers a separate category for latest as well as popular anime. Use genre tab to get what you are looking for. Good news for all manga readers. You can read easily manga on this site.


Want to watch anime online with clean as well as simple interface site? Then can be your best choice as an anime watching sites. Calm composure, easy navigation, simple design will give visitors a great pleasure to find their favorite anime to watch online. Anime movies with the latest manga it’s another great attraction.

One of the best anime sources is Anime Nova where you can watch free anime online. Without any registration for free, you can watch here English dubbed anime online. A very clear UI with easy navigation will allow you to watch list of all animes. The site has a vast database of free anime series.which makes best website to watch anime.

Another fantastic free anime site is to watch English subbed anime online. Popular all updated anime with their snippet you can find on this site’s homepage. Search Anime widget option will help you to find easily any anime. You can see it in the sidebar. They have another excellent option for finished anime list where you can start watching those animes yet you watched.This makes it one of the good anime sites among all best free anime websites


AnimeUltima has a great collection of anime series. Many can even be downloaded, however, the site’s design not so pleasing to look and a user interface is not more than ok. Its specialty is beside anime it offers some popular games such as Snake, Tetris, Shoot the Bird etc. Majority of the animes of AnimeUltima appear with English subtitles. However, if you wish you can even watch dubbed series. Just create a free account to explore the site. Moreover, AnimeUltima offers discussion forums as well as polls where you can receive all the upcoming anime series.

One of the best anime sites to stream popular as well as the latest anime series is Manga anime. There are ads but good news is not too many. Easy interface as well as well design make it looks like premium streaming anime sites. Check the site as it is well organized in all sections.


One of the most popular anime online streaming sites is Netflix. It has an impressive huge collection with eye-catching UI design. Easy to use. All the latest anime you can find here. However, it’s a premium service anime site. Still, you can think it as its overall so good performance.


A great anime site to watch full episodes of maximum popular animes is Its database is huge. It filled with a huge database collection. The quality of the videos are very high. No download available but you will get animes dubbed in English.

Anime lovers considered Narutoget is the largest online anime series home. Besides, it offers manga and anime movies too. The anime site offers the original Naruto Shippuden to English dubbed naruto, manga collection. It is known as the top dubbed best free anime website.


Here we have provided some free Anime Sites. They are the best site that actually streams anime. All over the world in almost all countries these are the best anime streaming sites that you can enjoy. If you like to live economically sites like Crunchyroll, Animelab, Viewster are legal as well as worth your desire. Besides, if you like to live not to care about money and want to be a premium member, you can think about Crunchyroll, Daisuki type anime site. Use a good Anime Recorder if you want to download your all favorite anime sites then this is the best place to watch free anime.

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