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We all have preinstalled Android File Manager on our Android device, don’t we? But in the most cases, those file manager is not enough to support all our demand. Preinstalled file browser may be backdated need to update or don’t have the desired features. So, there is no other option but to look for the best android file manager from the Google Play Store. To ease of your downloading, through this content I will outline the 10 Trusted Android File Manager for Easy Navigation in 2018.

Before the explosion let’s get through what does an Android File Manager do.
Android file manager or file browser is an Android program that gives a UI to manage file and folders. The most widely recognized operations performed on files to incorporate creating, opening (e.g. seeing, playing, altering), renaming, moving, replicating, erasing and searching files. In addition, file manager adjusts record properties and permission.

Basic capacities:
Path: Shows the file location in user memory
Information about used memory, free memory space
Information about file name, date and time of creation, extension, privacy and security.
That’s the functions of a basic Android File Manager.


Below is the list of 10 best Android file manager.

File Manager (File transfer):

File Manager is a fully featured mobile file explorer. It can cut, copy, paste, delete, search, compress, decompress your file or documents. It is rated 4.4 in the play store thus you can trust it for your personal use. It’s always the best app I prefer for accessing your files in your Android. It can edit and copy files easily. Also, it calculates the used and free memory. It also has ‘share’ function to directly share files using other apps.
Highlights of File Manager:
⦁ Super user-friendly: You can view files by typing (image, audio, video, recent, download). And use it as a widget to access folders in one tap from the home screen.
⦁ Cloud backup: Switch between local and cloud files/document. It supports Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive and much more.
⦁ Languages: Supported languages are English, French, German, Czech, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi and so on.
⦁ Wi-Fi transfer: Easily use your PC to transfer file wireless and edit your mobile files using FTP..


File Manager by Astro:

File Manager by Astro is absolutely the most user-friendly file and resource management app. The inclusion of accessing to multiple cloud storage services virtually eliminates the hassle of downloading multiple apps. With Astro, you can access to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and One Drive seamlessly. Its ability to move files between virtual clouds inside one app turns Astro into a powerful file explorer. It is also able to manage your installed apps providing app backup services. Thus, you won’t have to fear updates that may break your favorite apps setting because you can revert to the last functional version.
Highlights of Astro File Manager:
• Easy file browsing: Search your files easily by category right from the home screen. For instance, images, apps, videos, music, downloads, favorites and recent. For easy file browsing just create bookmarks.
• Compress or Extract files: Compress your files to save memory space. Or extract compressed files in Zip (WinZip) or RAR (WinRAR) formats conveniently.
• Play multimedia files: Play your multimedia files such as music or videos, pictures, or open documents saved in any of your Cloud servers.
• App Manager: This file manager allows you to manage all your apps in one place. You can uninstall or backup apps easily.


ES File Explorer File Manager:

ES File Explorer (File Manager) helps you to handle all your media files or document. Whether files are stored in your Android memory, microSD card, LAN or cloud storage accounts you can browse. By default, it allows you to copy, delete move, rename and share files to or from any of your storages. One cool feature is that when you’ve deleted all files or pictures this app can find anything on your phone. It’s useful, isn’t it?
Highlights of ES File Explorer:

• Bluetooth file browser: Just copy and paste files between Bluetooth devices. This file organizer supports OBEX FTP for browsing devices. Thus, you can transfer files between Bluetooth devices.

• ZIP and RAR support: This mobile file manager allows you to compress and decompress ZIP files, unpack RAR files. You can create encrypted (AES 256 bit) ZIP files too.

• Android Tasks Killing: You can stop app processes with a single click to increase memory and speed up your android. It Includes a simple widget that stays on home screen to inform you about current RAM usage. It automatically kills tasks with an ignore list.

• Remote File Manager: Want to manage files on your phone from computer? Just enable the function and see the magic.



Super File Manager (Explorer):

Super File Manager is the most creative UI and very good file management app. It helps to get media files/documents in order. This free file manager works to make file transfer experience so convenient. Try this file manager and explorer app to get full-featured functions for Android.
• File Browse: This simple but powerful feature allows you to browse or find a file in internal storage and SD card within a second. In 1 second you can find your image, music, video, apps, etc.
• File Transfer: Without the internet connection, you can manage and explore Wi-Fi or hotspot to transfer files to another Android device and PC. This also features no limitation for file size and type.
• Privacy and Security: This free file explorer provides 100% local file management. That’s why there is no chance of any file leak. Your files are completely safe and secured.


Total Commander – file manager:

Total Commander – file manager features to copy, delete, rename folders/files and create directories easily. This app doesn’t show ant ads in the preview only its other apps (plugins).

Highlights of Total Commander:
• It features configurable button bar for changing directories, internal commands, launching apps.
• Thumbnails for pictures, bookmarks, two panels side by side or virtual two-panel mode, directory history etc. are available
• You can also get Zip and Unzip feature
• You can search files (also text), select/unselect groups of files or select by tapping on file icons


File Expert – file manager:

File Expert is the best android file manager on this platform. It has lots of features which are stable and every update brings something new highlights. Even if you tried lots of file manager apps but I am sure that you will be fixed to File Expert. Because it’s simply better. This app features opening in TABs which is great. It provides flexibility also convenience to open folders side by side from any storage location.
Highlights of File Expert:
• File recovery: Recycle bin, recover deleted file, batch file rename and file shred those files to delete permanently and can’t recover.
• File management: It’s design and animations on file operation or activity changes with time. You can open multiple tabs file management.
• Media file player: It’s built-in video and music player supports enhanced network streaming feature. You can stream video or MP3 from cloud service or all network protocol supported like HTTP, FTP also with floating window play.


Computer File Explorer:

Computer File Explorer is a great app with a user-friendly interface. I would give the recommendation to use this app as it is free with full featured file manager. It is designed to support multiple tabs also windows open side by side.
Highlights of Computer File Explorer:
• Just like your desktop or laptop file explorer look to manage your files
• Application manager: You can switch to other programs, uninstall or view any app’s system management page easily. And in the taskbar launched applications are present.
• This file manager supports tabs and side-by-side windows. Thus, you can open multiple folders at the same time.


Solid Explorer File Manager:

You’ll genuinely enjoy this file manager app. This mobile file manager features material design and split panes which are very good. Also, the UI is refreshing and easy to use. With new update, your previous problem about slow loading of image thumbnails is now figured out. It works better now to the extent as a gallery app also.
Highlights of Solid Explorer:
• Enjoy cloud file manager like Dropbox, Box, Mediafire, Owncloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, Yandex etc.
• Highlight tools: you can hide private folders, FTP Server (plugin), bookmarks, Chromecast support or media browser


Moto File Manager:

Efficiently manage your files with moto file manager. It helps you to handle all your media file or documents whether it is stored in the main storage or microSD card.
Highlights of Moto:
• File management: This free file explorer allows you to copy, move, rename, delete, compress and decompress ZIP files. You can also create encrypted ZIP files and share files to other Android devices.
• One-key file transfer: This file manager features one click to transfer all pictures, music and video files from the phone’s internal storage to the external SD card.


SD File Manager

SD File Manager is the last not least number of my best file browser list. It can help you to manage your file in super speed. And you can cut, copy, paste or delete files. You can get the root explorer feature for rooted device.

Highlights of SD File Manager:
• You can play media files with your preferred media apps
• You can get the best-optimized theme and resolution for each operating system like Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread etc.

Wrap Up

So, that is the end of 10 Trusted Android File Manager for 2018. You can now easily download the file manager from Google Play Store. Hope that, you can easily manage media/document files, free memory space, locate/ cut/copy/delete files from memory.

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