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We live in a country where muggings happen left and right. Besides that, there’s always a chance you can leave your phone on the bus or misplace it at any social gathering. And if you do somehow lose your phone, the least you would want is to keep your data and files with Android Backup apps.

That’s why, it’s probably one of the most important things for any device owner across any platform to keep a backup of the things on their device on either a cloud or somewhere external. There’s absolutely nothing worse than losing everything on your phone and then realizing there is no backup of it.

Think about it, you take the most perfect candid of your mother and father sharing a nice moment together, only to have your phone stolen and discover you never had a backup of it anywhere.Don’t worry. We’re here for you. We present to you: 9 different Android backup apps you can use to save your data from being lost.

Android Backup apps to Save Your Data from being Lost



App Backup Restore - Transfer
App Backup Restore – Transfer

App Backup and Restore

The first entry in our list is probably the most basic backup app with the most basic name: App Backup and Restore. And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use this one. It has the simple features of backing up apps, be it in a batch or even multiple versions of the same app in case you ever want to switch to an older version. In a style similar to the popular Share-it software, you can also use this app to send APKs of apps to other devices via Bluetooth, email, WiFi and more. Besides, there’s an uninstall manager so that you can view and remove the apps already on your phone.Download from Google Play and start backing up now:


Backup Your Mobile
Backup Your Mobile

Backup Your Mobile

Another fairly simple app for backing up, Backup Your Mobile lets you create backups of apps, settings, SMSs, MMSs, call logs and other simple things. Offering a very simple user interface, the app takes only a few very simple steps to create a backup of your information and restore removed apps. All this makes this app a fairly easy to use method to keep a backup of your data.


Helium - App Sync and Backup
Helium – App Sync and Backup


Back in the day, you would need to root your device in order to make the most out of your android smartphone. In came Helium, the first “no root required” backup app. With this app, you can easily create a reserve of your data or backup android phone to PC. If you wish to upgrade to premium, you will also receive the option to sync apps between Android devices and backup to and restore from a multitude of cloud storage servers like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Helium has been around for a long while, so you can surely put your faith on them.Get it right now.

Super Backup Pro
Super Backup Pro

Super Backup

One of the most functional android backup apps, you can use Super Backup to define where your things go individually. Including separate folders and destinations. Another amazing feature is the ability to schedule automatic backups. That way, this app saves you the hassle of manually choosing and backing up your info. It’s a solid choice for android backup and restore. Can’t go wrong with this one.



Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the household names when it comes to cloud storage. With this, not only can you store all your pictures, videos and all other things online, you can also share them among friends if you want to. Start with 15GB free out of the box, with an unlimited photo and video backup with Google Photos. Other than media, you can of course save your documents, spreadsheets, presentations and etcetera thanks to Google’s office apps. Pro tip: Simply create another google account to receive an additional 15GB of storage space. You’re welcome.Most Android phones already have this pre-installed but if you want to check it out on Google Play.


CM Backup - Safe,Cloud,Speedy
CM Backup – Safe,Cloud,Speedy

CM Backup

You’ve probably used CM Cleaner somewhere along your Android lifetime. And now, Cheetah Mobile brings to you CM Backup, a trusty backup solution. With this, you can receive 5GB of space to backup your contacts, messages, call logs, bookmarks, calendar info, alarms and even user spelling dictionaries to an independent cloud server. Perfect for cross-device restoring. The reliability and stability of CM Backup makes it one of the best solutions for android backup and restore.




One of the most popular options for keeping your things saved online, Dropbox allows users to upload photos automatically, with easy sharing options as well as a pretty neat looking UI. It’s neat, tidy and very easy to use. Although you start with 2GB, you can upgrade easily. A good option for Android cloud storage.


Titanium Backup
Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

Devices which are rooted really can get the most out of Android. In light of that, Titanium Backup is an android backup app almost exclusive to root users thanks to a ton features and a history of good stability. With this, not only can you backup apps, you can also freeze and uninstall bloatware. You can also sync to cloud storage with the pro version, and restore with just “1-click batch restore”.If you have a rooted device, you should really check this out.



Ultimate Backup
Ultimate Backup

Ultimate Backup

The last item on our list seeks to be a competitor to Titanium backup. And boy does it give it a good shot. Ultimate Backup has all the features of Titanium backup, and then some. You can backup apps, sync them to your cloud, freeze or unfreeze system apps and bloatware, and even kill ongoing tasks. Although the last feature is highly discouraged. In the premium version, you can also schedule backups and reveal batch actions. If you’re looking for a simpler alternative to Titanium Backup, you can’t say no to this one.


Final Note 

That concludes our list of the 9 best Android Backup apps to save your data from being lost. Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person out there, you can use these apps to keep a store of the information inside your phone somewhere safe. And you really should use at least one of these apps, because backups are absolutely priceless. You can never be too safe, and you can’t go wrong with keeping a backup of your stuff. Remember, your smartphone may be very expensive, but more often than not, the data and information inside it is far more valuable.

Which one did you find the most useful? Recommend any other app we should check out? Put your thoughts in the comments below.

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