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1337x Torrent now invisible. In many countries 1337x is strictly blocked. The solution is ready. Just give a try for full 1337x access with one of the proxies below. According to speed and status, 1337x proxies are tested frequently for availability.1337x Proxy

An amazing, as well as simple torrent website, is 1337x.to with its own impressive community. From 1337x.org different website, many great uploaders provide direct torrents. TV shows, games, software, music, ebooks etc naturally now a very popular free download torrent dreamland here. However, recently from many ISP’s and countries started to ban 1337x.to proxy site. A real sad news for global torrent lovers cause if your Internet Service Providers or country block 1337x Torrent website in your net it will not be possible for you to directly access 1337x.to proxy.


Unblocked 1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites List

Good news! In your country to access 1337x.to there are some great alternative ways no matter even if 1337x proxy list is completely blocked in your country. Use Virtual Private Network (VPN) or 3rd party proxy websites. But watch out! If you are not familiar or unaware of them than these can be tricky. Here we are with some user-friendly ways to challenge any block or down system to browse 1337x Torrent website.

You are welcome to explore below if you are a die hearted 1337x torrent lover. We are providing one of the best lists of your favorite 1337x Proxy & Mirror sites. On separate domains other big uploaders or 1337x staff maintain it.

Whenever you face any difficulty to access the main 1337x site these awesome sites will act as a clone. Like 1337x they provide the same index, content and torrent files. So, feeling irritated as your dear torrent website 1337x.to is blocked? You are warmly welcome to use free of these awesome websites to browse your favorite network of the torrent.


Community-based torrent website

Do you know the name of a very popular community-based torrent website? Yes, it’s your favorite 1337x. If you look closely you will find the majority torrent websites are nothing but just a list of tagged as well as grouped torrents. Here 1337x is only different. Impressive one million torrents and a very active 250k users community. 1337x proxy list also has chat rooms, forum even radio to entertain you. It will help you to avoid boringness when you are just downloading torrents.

Utorrent plugin and own browser is their other eye-catching feature which will surely please you as they provide easy search for all latest torrents.In the UK and India recently this site is completely blocked due to court orders.

In 2007  so popular 1337x torrent was launched. For p2p (peer to peer) file sharing, magnet links and all the torrent files in a directory provided by this site. In the year 2016 when Kickass Torrents was shut down, it rapidly gained its wide popularity. Even from a Google site, this site is banned. In the .pl domain, it was initially. It changed again its domain from .pl to .to in 2015 mainly to evade the block.

For free of costs so many contents like applications, games, and movies for almost all platform torrent sites for a long time have been providing us. It was never so easy using torrent and browsing at a time. Like uTorrent or BitTorrent just select the link and use applications to download the content.

However, the scenery changed in the early era of 20th century. Due to their violation of privacy, copyright issue many companies started to take serious action against them. They forced to shut down 1337x site who illegally provided some software free of cost which was in reality cost hundreds of dollars.

Unblocked torrent sites

Many countries are determined to give a final farewell on 1337 unblocked torrent sites. So, they start to shut down them like a storm. Thus the concept of proxy started. In order to prevent such action, all the owners of these various torrent sites make a brilliant plan. They cleverly started to proxy their all websites to disguise the main site.  Moreover, they ensure more than one site for global users. It naturally helps all torrent lovers to get and access other content application they were searching.  

There are a lot of torrents links disguised by 1337x with many proxy sites. But watch out! Many links get deactivated or get brought down every day. So to avoid the full down of the site new links and site get created.



25 Working 1337x Proxy & Unblocked Mirror Site List

(being updated)

Add https:// before the URL Then click enter. We will try to update our list in a daily basis, so feel free to use.

1337x.stVery FastOnline
1337x.unblockall.orgVery FastOnline
1337x.unblocked.lolVery FastOnline
1337x.unblocked.stVery FastOnline
www.1337x.plVery FastOnline
1337x.unblocker.ccVery FastOnline
1337x.bypassed.stVery FastOnline
1337x.goblockt.comVery FastOnline
1337x.unblocker.winVery FastOnline
1337x.unblocked.stVery FastOnline
1337x.immunicity.stVery FastOnline
sitenable.chVery FastOnline
sitenable.pwVery FastOnline
freeproxy.io FastOnline
filesdownloader.com FastOnline
sitenable.co FastOnline
sitenable.infoVery FastOnline
freeanimesonline.comVery FastOnline
sitenable.topVery FastOnline
1337x.bypassed.teamVery FastOnline
1337x-to.pbproxy.redVery FastOnline
1337x.unblockall.xyzVery FastOnline
1337x.bypassed.plusVery FastOnline



What is Proxy?

It’s a simple way to hide the real address of the site. The main goal is to appear as an anonymous so that to trace it become challenging. In fact, various intermediate servers take up as well as serve you safely for another server. It helps others to show that you are not directly linked with the real site. Naturally unknown that server in this way remains unknown.

Before someone discovers the real server ID it does work though it is not full proof.

Another watch out signal! There are so many proxy sites ready to assist you but all that glitters is not gold! Don’t trust all sites. There are some cunning, fake sites just for fishing. They act just as one of the searched proxy sites of some very popular torrent site. But in reality, they are very harmful.  In an invisible tricky way, they will trap you. Silently they will steal your all invaluable data. Moreover, they will fill your pc with the various virus as well as malware. This is a real concern as it can leak your essential files and documents.

We have listed in this article only the tested and real site.  Still, we suggest for extra protection on your pc to have a trusted antivirus. Such cautious advance step will

ensure to prevent any unexpected virus attack and remove them instantly before they try to do any harm to your data and files.

For your best search here we have carefully listed some of the proxies of the 1337x torrent site. You can use these 1337 unblocked live sites if you want to use them to download any items.

We found these awesome sites still working correctly. First look in your country or state before use whether the torrent is permitted. It is much better to use VPN wisely if you are unsure while using torrent links and downloading.

Using VPN:

The Virtual Private Network or VPN is a service. Many companies provide it. Through a VPN server, they routing all your traffic and encrypts all your traffic. Besides with a different IP address, it replaces your ISP provided IP address. VPN is so powerful it not only allows to browse internet access but any internet is accessible on your smartphone or pc by any application.  

On the internet, there is so many VPN service is provided.  Free and paid both services are available. In the question of service, free is limited. On the other hand, paid service offers fast net speed and various masked IPs.

VPN vs. Proxy which is better:

Rather than VPN, many use Proxy. In general sense, you would not find a very sharp difference. However, there is some important point need to consider before start using Proxy or VPN. In a few aspects VPN usually works much better than a proxy.

Through the browser, VPN offers not the only internet secured access but also same assurance over the net when you are using different applications. On the other hand, only to securing internet access Proxy is limited through a browser.

If you use VPN, routing yours traffics or security such as masking IP address is much superior to any proxy.

Usually, VPN use scrambler which clearly provides an additional security layer. Naturally, it makes better protection. Any proxy server does not offer it.

Considering above all points going for a VPN is definitely a better choice than for a proxy service.  You know only in browser access torrent is not limited. Using uTorrent or Bit torrent through applications when you will start to download your IP will be clearly visible.

Last Note:

For the 1337x torrent site provided these links are active now. Regularly we will update this list as gradually some links might get inactive. Again, new links with fast speed might be added. Last but not least don’t forget to use a reliable VPN and an antivirus to protect your identity as well as your computer.

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